Oct 12

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Campbell’s Boycott? Better Check your list twice…

Did you catch the recent boycott? It’s all over the web, Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else the non-social gather. (Yes me included).  The subject of scorn is Campbell’s soup. It seems they are offering Halal certified products and it has the Christian community in an uproar. Boycott and all. First I had to check it out for myself. A lot of misquoted information going around these days so here’s the link.  Campbell’s Soup Certified Products

Honestly, I find it hard to understand why we did not take a stand before this became an epidemic and now we are facing our enemies on every front.  Some strategic planning years ago would have prevented this instead we send Mexico home and embrace Asia. How is that working out for you?

So what is Halal? (Best description I found), basically they don’t eat Pork, Blood, food offered as sacrifice to foreign gods or dead animals. Sound like Old Testament to me, but we are always being counterfeited.

Campbell’s is taking the brunt of this outrage, somebody has to,  but we have to be realistic here. My search on the IFANCA Official Website came up with the following companies who also offer Halal products.

Nestles (long list of products there), Tom’s of Maine (natural products), ConocoPhillips, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, H.E.B. Grocery in Texas, Cabot Cheese/Creamery, McNeil Nutritionals (sweeteners), Abbott Lab (there goes the prescriptions and baby formula Similac), Advanced Nutritional (supplements), Aloe Corp, Paramount Farms (Nuts), Vita Surge America (supplements), Sunrider (Cocoa/Meal Replacements), Alfa Vitamins, Enjoy Life (Snack Foods), Brown and Haley (no more Roca Candies, General Mills (now that is HUGE), NSE Products (diet shakes), R. Torre (every church coffee house uses these.. Torani), IMEX China (Tastes of Asia), Big Train (coffee), Alfa Vitamins, Herbalife (used to sell that!), Diana Fruit (no more fruitcake they make maraschino cherries worldwide), Re – Vita (Costco sells some liquid multi vitamin by them), SunSweet Growers (well I personally won’t miss the prune juice), Mead Johnson Nutritionals (Enfagrow and Enfalac and others), Power Bar, Industrializadora (Agave syrup under Blue Webber label), Pacific Choice Brands (love their soups), Melaleuca, Inc. (fiber products), Natures Way Products, Gerber Products, J&M Food Products (long list there), BirdsEye,  Olympia Food Industries (packed and processed meats and poultry), Reliv (Nutritional Supplements). This list is not even complete just a sample.

After eliminating everything from the list in a boycott, ( after all what’s good for my Tomato Soup is good for…right?),  I think some will take the mark and be done with it. The Mark by the way..did you want to see it?

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