Oct 12

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Pilot Issue. What’s Up.

Pilot Issue: I think that means our launch. Every new TV series begins with their pilot program.  An introduction, if you will, of sorts.  Without knowing who the plot is focused on it is hard to follow the story.  So what is our angle? Our story?  What could anyone write in this hour of information overload that will attract and keep the interest of millions of readers?  Acts 17:21 One thing we know for sure…you can’t change your past. Ecc. 11:3 It’s done.  Gone.  Forever sealed in the archives or resting in the depths of a deep sea. (Reader choice on that one.) Micah 7:19

Anyway.   I did question Holy Spirit on the past thing. Why couldn’t we have been created with a “do over”?  Just one would be nice.  Would we already had used it up on some trivial whim or continue to hold tight for the ultimate worst case scenario that never manifests?  After brief meditation on the subject I realized that a change in our past would also interrupt the future of others. Probably not a good idea.
subject change
If I could go back, it would be to about 2 1/2 years ago. As we sit on the porch of OUR home overlooking the lake trading stocks, studying the economy and teaching a few women’s groups at church, how could life get any better?
subject change
Ok..let’s stop right here a minute. Did you notice I ask a lot of questions, or did you just breeze right by them?  Questions are for pondering, thought and reflection into our own lives. Could be what is missing in this fact paced information society we live; pondering, thought, and reflection.  Try it. Hit the pause button on the questions and then answer them, unlock what’s hiding in the deep recesses of your heart.  Did you ever notice how God will start a conversation with a question? Adam..”where are you?” Cain..”where is your brother?”  Jeremiah …”what do you see? “  Peter…”who do they say I am?” Just wondering if you caught that.
subject change
Back to the porch. We were reading an economic report just release by Nouriel Roubini who shortly after was coined “Doctor Doom” and a prophet in the same breath (to read the article a copy is here 12 Steps to Disaster.) This outline, now that we have the advantage of hindsight, was a map of the future and he wasn’t the only Prophet reading Baal’s mail bag. Chuck Pierce sent out a word on March 6th 2008 which saying, “Prepare for abrasive circumstances over the next 40 days”. OK. ?. Had we positioned ourselves on this advice things might have been different, at least financially they would have been. 2 Chronicles 20:20 But they were not different and we did not position ourselves. (For a summary of the events LIKE us in FB and read the notes. The link is on the bottom of this page.)

So the purpose of this blog will be:

1) Inform through extensive search what the TRUE Prophets of the land are saying. (This is a whole subject in itself when it comes to True Prophets but now what it means is we will be excluding those who have Rose Colored Glasses and pave the parking lot of their facilities with marble from Italy.)

2) We hope to provide insight into what is coming in the next few years concerning 2012 prophecies, economics, and God’s point of view.

3) Preparedness. This might be the heart. Are you ready? Spirit? Soul? And Body? How can we prepare and remain in faith? Questions again. We call this God-Gold-Guns-Garden and Survival. How fun is that.

So there you go. Our introduction and following right after this is our first Post. Campbell’s. You ready?

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