Oct 26

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Sheep Hacking Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You

I have been putting together my next post on “inflation” and “shortages”. It is essential that we prepare all our readers for what is coming. Eze. 33:4 and prepare them we will. This little bit of news caught my eye this morning and for some reason it stood out in the middle of Europe and Asia shares falling, Gold and Silver soaring (signs of inflation coming to a store near you just a thought; did you ever wonder why on every corner in every city they are buying Gold and Silver? Who is buying it from them? Could this be a conspiracy to strip the sheep of their valuables before herding them to the furnaces? Ok. That was crude, but someone has to wake you up from that pew, put a sword in your hand and point you in the right direction.) Back to the news of the morning. Password HiJacking through an add on called FireSheep. Check out that name. So you are sitting in your favorite hot spot, connecting to all your friends on FaceBook, just before you leave you quick check your checking account balance to be sure you have the funds for gas on the way home. By the time you get to the gas station a few hours later someone has not only hijacked your FaceBook pass codes but also emptied your bank account. So much for gas. Remember our motto: The Wise see trouble coming and prepare; those who lack understanding are caught in its wake and destroyed. (Prov. 22:3 N-Ver)

So this could be the long of it, which would cause you to notice immediately that something was up. Oh but your enemy is too sly for this. He would leave no trail to see. Instead huge computer data banks are filled with the intimate details of your life only to be used at another time, if necessary. A conspiracy theory you say? Not all conspiracies are theory.

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