Oct 26

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Solar Flares Part of the Perfect Storm

On October 16, 2010 a fast-growing sunspot called 1112 is crackling with solar flares. The three strongest of this 24 hour period: an M3-flare at 1910 UT on Oct. 16th, a C1-flare at 0900 UT and another C1-flare at 1740 UT on Oct. 17th. So far, none of the blasts has hurled a substantial CME toward Earth.

Is the sun getting ready for the big one? Are you ready?  The solar flare eruption we had the first week in August was just a precursor to the predicted “Big One” prophesied by John Paul Jackson in his Perfect Storm series . (If you have not heard this video series it is worth the time.)   God always informs us through His prophets before an event occurs. Is. 42:9 Fox news called the August eruption an “Electronic Armageddon” and rightly so.

The problem is we don’t listen to the still small voices. So if this is the “Big One” when will it erupt and possibly wreak havoc?  NASA said the super storm would hit like “a bolt of lightning” and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken. Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services’ systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to “everyday” items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs. I keep my laptop, iPad and iPhone in an aluminum box. Will it help? Probably not, but it’s something.

You could apply the 30/30/30/10 rule to this. 10% of the people are incapacitated and can’t make any decisions. (ie: mental health, physical health and so on). 30% just don’t care and are not reading this anyway. It would never happen and if for some remote reason it did, someone else will take care of me. The middle 30% are undecided. It could happen, I guess, some day. It will, it won’t, it will, oh, I just don’t know. We will think about getting ready I guess. James 1.

The last 30% are the ones I guess we are addressing. They need information and once they receive the input, they act upon it, preparing not only for their families but those around them. They are the smart ones. Operating in Faith, God is always there for me, and wisdom, He is giving me direction and preparing my way. They are the ones who know He has gone before them and prepared the path and they are assured He will protect them in times of trouble.

The ones I worry about are the middle ones. They are seated on that airplane. The warning lights are flashing. The oxygen masks fall down, and over the loud-speaker a warning is issued, “please secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others!” They grab theirs, wrestle with it, trying to get it on. It won’t fit, feels funny, and isn’t pumping air, maybe a new one? After an extended amount of time trying to get the oxygen mask in the midst of chaos they look around and realize everyone else on the plane who was unable to even get to their mask, ….is….DEAD.  Get ready would you? Please! Your family, neighbor and community are going to depend on you.

Ok. End of my rant. So, if it were to erupt, when? My guess…last week of October 2010.  That’s this week! Radiation Masks Anyone? There could end up being a shortage of them.

Check this out for yourself. Weigh the evidence and then listen to John Paul Jackson.

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