Oct 31

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Armed Guards Coming to An Employment Office Near You.

Am I a naysayer or prophet of doom and destruction by bringing to attention the things we see?  Nope. Just a watchman bringing to light the things shown. EZE. 33:4 It is coming and we don’t like it. Having had years of peace, of safety and feeling comforting in the arms of the Almighty as He embraced our nation. Then 9/11 and the safety “feeling” was shattered. Gone. What next!?

We recently watched a video from Inflation.com.  “The End of Liberty”.  It is a must watch. Are we facing a complete change in our nation and world? Or will things go back to the “good ole times” we have seen for years?  We have two theories and I want to share them before the election. I should have it to text by tomorrow night so stay tuned for a choice of direction for our nation. Neither is exciting but you have to prepare.

In 2008 Chuck Pierce prophesied the following, “A new type of river is now rising in this land. This “River” will create a schism, (a divide in thought and opinion), unlike anything this nation has ever known before.” The word came out right before the elections and was a dire warning for our country.

Over the weekend I happened to catch some news, (confession: lots of news) and this one was interesting. “Armed guards at Employment Office in Indiana” It seems a whole lot of people will have their 99 weeks of unemployment end shortly. With no jobs on the horizon guess they are thinking it could get rough.

The weekend gathering at the capital carried the same concern. Schism. Our nation is dividing itself and coming apart. The rich against the poor. The Republican against the Democrat against the Tea Party. The blacks against the whites. The church against the state. Muslims against Americans and America against Israel, not to mention the church divided against itself. The next service where “big airplanes” and “extended budgets” are promoted, rather than walk out it should be called out. This kind of teaching is manipulation and nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. (We will save that one for a later date. America was started with a revelation and will probably end with one. The solution: Unity in the faith. Repentance and humbling ourselves before God. Seek His ways and turn from our evil plans of abortion, One world faith, and self reliance. Is this possible? Sure. Likely? No.

Jesus said the last days would be like the days of Noah; prosperous times. They were eating, drinking, and being merry until Noah entered ark. Matt. 24 We look for these times and figure this can’t be the last days but maybe it is! Just look at the last 40 years. In all of world history never has there been a more prosperous time or a more prosperous nation. Now we have forgotten God and turned to our own answers. Deut. 8:11

The good news is during the days of Noah when tribulation came God protected His elect and He will do the same in the days ahead for you and your family. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Prov. 3:5 Look to Him and He will protect and save you from the “shattering” to come.  Noah was a sign of the church. Enoch of the Bride who will be caught away. The prudent see danger and take refuge. The simple keep going and suffer for it. Prov. 22:3

Until tomorrow.   Nan

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