Nov 06

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Terrorist’s Beware! There is a Shout in the Land and it is coming from the Voice of an Army.

Did you know that even a brief, 10 second prayer has power? The effects of our prayers go beyond natural reason and pull down strongholds. 2 Cor. 10:4 The real problem lies in awareness of the power resident in each one of us. For most it lays as a dormant seed, uncultivated and trapped in layers of self. (Bet you didn’t like that!) From the time I wake in the morning until I close my eyes at night, that part of my “day” , is all about ME, and don’t, even for one moment, think your day is not the same. Lord Bless Me. And MY house. And MY business. And MY family. Me. Me. Me. 1 Chron.4:9

Resident within you is an untapped power just waiting to be released.  James 5:17 A power that can stop a terrorist bombing or an outbreak of H1NI in your city. It can shed light on the plots of the enemy to detour your path away from his plans, and yes it can bring your family to glorious light of the Gospel.

During the past few weeks Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion has been in intense Daniel style prayer and out of that meeting came the following:

“There will be an outpouring through the port cities. It will be so great that it will confuse the world. Ask Me in this meeting to shine light down on those ships coming into ports. They come by sea and by air. Where that terrorist structure is hidden in those ships, it will be uncovered this hour. There are terrorist activities in the ships of this nation. I must see it uncovered now. I say to you this hour, call light in and light will uncover darkness!”

PRAYER: Father, we call an outpouring out through New York.in through Charlotte.in through New Orleans.in through Miami.in through Galveston and Houston.into Biloxi.into Long Beach, into Oakland. Let the glory outpour into San Francisco, Chicago, and into Portland, into Jersey City, into Boston. We call an outpouring into San Diego, into Tokyo, into Bangkok, into the ports of this earth. Lord, You’re saying to ask for light to shine down on those ships coming into port, and where that terrorist structure is hidden in that ship, it will be uncovered this hour.

The results of this prayer, as we seen on the news, involved the uncovering of a plot in which Al Qaeda took credit for.

In a further word which came out of those prayer meetings the Spirit of Lord said,  “When I was asked about My mission here, did I not say to you that I came to undo the works of darkness? So today let My light come into that tomb to bring you into that place I’ve called you to. I’m ready to unravel the darkness. I’m ready to unravel that infirmity. I’m not telling you to counsel your way through it. I’m saying unravel what is decaying until life springs forth! This is the moment for you to shake the darkness that has been enclosing you. Shake it now. This is a time for you not to be dragging but to be flowing in My glory and anointing. Shake it. Shake it. Let it go. This is a moment of victory. The victory is being released upon you in this moment.

“You have put the shout of light in you in a box. I am ready for you to allow Me to break loose what has been enclosed in that box. When it comes loose you are going to fall with a shout. As you shout and shout into the ground, your path will crack open and you’ll move through into the land that I am calling you to occupy. I’m going to break the box. In the box inside of you is the shout, and the shout will come forth with a light. The light will break your path open. Let the new vision that has been held deep in the box inside you to be let out.

“Some of you have said, ‘I’m afraid for this box to get opened. It will be like Pandora’s box when everything in me gets unsealed.’ But I say,Let it go. I’m not afraid of your ghosts. I’m not afraid of your demons. I’m not afraid of your messes that you’ve sealed up. Unseal the box and let it come out with a shout. Bring it out with a shout. You’ve been trying to recoup your losses. Quit trying to recoup.’ I say, ‘Create the new!””

I left this word delivered in whole for you to ponder on. We HAVE to heed the call. It is essential we take up arms Eph. 6. Pray until the Power Changes your atmosphere. Are we out of the woods yet? Absolutely NOT.

Now here is the interesting part. Remember the Web Bots I told you about in a previous post? (What? You are not reading my post? I am trying to help you survive and become the light that shines through darkness and not the Christian hiding in a cave calling on rocks.) Anyway. The Web Bot. It seems they had a prediction for hell to show up on Nov 4th or there about. The language in their systems had been building for this date all year then all of a sudden, for no reason, (at least to them), the language changes to a week later.  So what delayed the prediction? The effective, reverent and fervent, heartfelt, prayers of God’s Army in these last days.  YOUR prayers stop terrorists!

You were chosen for this day and hour. You could have been born at any time in history. Any place, culture, or people group. But you were not. You are here, exactly where you are by the design of a God who knows you more than you know yourself. He has a plan for you JUMP into it!!!! When you see the news, pray. When prompted, pray. And when there is no reason what so ever, Pray! Hold back the darkness and flip the light switch.

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