Nov 08

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Record Profits at Big Banks! While Customer Service S….!

Call me paranoid, and some do, but something is going on at the large banks.  Since the economic meltdown of the past few years caused a mild amount of distrust of “banking” systems on a whole, we have kept what little assets we have in cash only putting what is needed on deposit to pay bills. (Who wants to drive to the utility and insurance company if you don’t have to, right?) I will visit my local branch, (we will leave their name out of this for now unless you twist my arm..ok twisted! Chase Bank), anyway, I visit on an average of once a week to make a deposit.

EVERY time I go in the bank I feel like I am at the mall. Now I am sure most can relate how when you try to wander the mall in a relaxed mode walking, sipping coffee and window shopping that inevitably some “non-American” will stand in my space and insist their product be tried out. (Now, I do not say this with discrimination and “anti” anything in my heart, I had a kiosk in the mall in the early 2000’s and met most of the people who were working them. They are not from the United States and speak broken English at best. They are there for one thing and that is money. Try to return the broken junk you bought after Christmas and you will find they are GONE!)   They hack, heckle, or a nice way to say it is, call out, sometimes almost in a rude manner and you can’t buy pass them. The one time you do get suckered into buying something and then pass by them on the way out they have already forgot your purchase and are after you again. Real customer service there.

So how does this relate to the bank you ask? Ok. Every time in the last few weeks when I go in a branch I am bombarded with the same methods of salesmanship. They meet me at the door. “I can help you” and you are led off to their cubicle where the sales pitch begins. Are all your assets here? Do you have a mortgage? We would like to take a look at your whole portfolio so we can recommend some better programs, savings, or whatever the flavor of the day was they received in an email.

Today I lost it. I walked in, stopped at the table to fill out my deposit slip and the first hacker approached me. “I can help you with that! Just come over to my ….” my quick response was, “no, I am in a hurry.” I scurried to the teller window and much to my surprise there was only 1, (one), yes 1 teller there, so I had to wait.  Is this part of the plan? So while patiently standing in line behind no one, the second “heckler” arrives. “We met the other day, my name is ….”, and he hands me his card. “Did you think about any of the things we discussed?”

Once again I muttered how busy I was and needed to get in and out when I third one approached me. I simply stated, before a word could be spoken I was in a hurry then A teller shows up out of thin air and begins processing my deposit. Her first question, before “How are you today?” was, “Did you sign up for our Rewards program.”  The poor woman received an ear full on that one. I explained exactly to her what I just told you and promptly left.

Now I would just have to add here the EVEnt taking place with the whole debit card system. Have you noticed that banks are pushing extra hard trying to get you to use your debit as a credit card and NOT use your pin. “it is for security reasons” they say. I beg to differ. When a merchant processes a debit card the fees are different than when they process it as a credit card. So by coercing you into using it continually as a credit card, offering contests of a winner every hour, they are able to charge more on the merchant end. It is all about the fees. Charging more. No wonder big banks are making record profits in the midst of a depression/recession.

Well that don’t affect me you muse. Read my inflation post and if you don’t believe that one listen to the link from Glen Beck. And if you don’t believe him, go to Inflation.net and take a listen. It all affects you.

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