Nov 13

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The Other Side of the Storm Is Upon Us

Do not fear; be of good courage. If you do not fear, but rather trust God for protection and provision He will hide you under His shadow and extend mercy to those around you. So what happens if you fear? I’ll get to that in a minute.

I witnessed first hand how through the years of the early 2000’s many in the church “sojourned” in Egypt, planted there and prospered immensely. God was with them as they journeyed and planted, growing and prospering every step of the way. They gave faithfully the required 10% and sometimes threw out a tip to boot. They amassed, grew fat and forgot.

As time grew on, ( now to receive this and not move on to another blog you will have to be blatantly honest with yourself. It’s hard, I  know from personal experience, but to receive real liberty just do it), as time moved along we started to look just like the worlds.  Debt up to our eyeballs and since we were clouded with the deception of it, we could no longer view our King nor realize He was in the field changing the season into one we were not dressed for. Prosperity became our god as we gave only lip service to the Redeemer.

The warning sign came in early 2008, some were even sensitive enough to hear it in 2007. Get out of Egypt, but we liked our ways and it’s “blessings” Jer 44; rejecting the warnings that Baal was about to be judged. Jer. 51 God always gives us a heads up.  Is. 5 Always.  now He is there every step of the way to restore what was lost and position you for the plan.

The economic shaking started and it is not over. The uptick we just experienced was for you. It was a time to gather; to become positioned, not in the natural, but in Him. Now the eye of that storm has passed and the back side of it is more disastrous than the front. The world has said, “there is no God”, or even worse, that they were “gods”. That just does not fly in the Kingdom I live in, nor with the King I serve.

Messing with your “faith and prosperity” message am I? Many that I know are so narrow in their religious thinking that such a statement, that it is not over yet, trips them up. The Bible I read can not become a way of life by taking words from thought and context and using those for personal gain. My Lord said, those who love the world and it’s systems” will have no part in Him. 1 John

I had a dream this summer and in it there was a building full of rooms. All the room were forests of mature trees. Men went from room to room select cutting the trees and they would take each one out to the threshold entrance. There they were stripping them of their bark. The trees had faces, but were expressionless. One tree that I watched grabbed hold of a rope type garland which was around it’s “neck” and wanted to hang on to it. It was willing to tolerate the stripping but wanted to hold on to it’s adornment. It did not take a whole lot of prayer to understand this dream.

We are at war. Darkness is covering the face of the earth and people are submitting to that darkness with great fear. Isa. 60 Their hearts will fail them. But this is not so of you. His gory is rising up out of your most inner being and even though we are in darkness He will shine a light on your path. Part 2 in the next couple of days….

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