Nov 23

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The Check is in The Mail

Stuck. That might be the best way to describe the majority of what we call “the remnant”. They barely made it through the last season and now are sitting at ground zero. Assets have been annihilated, identities lost, plans a,b,c,d,and even e have failed; not to mention the anchor is now gone from the boat, sails are ripped off from the wind….anyway you get the idea. Stuck.

The religious institutions they attend offered up assistance, but only in the form of numerous formulas intended to get them out of the season, but none worked Prov. 19:21; so where does a man/woman go from here? This is beginning to sound depressing, but all too familiar.

In my spring classes, and I am not stretching the facts in any way, out of 55 women, 4 were losing their homes after having lost their job. 2 had already been foreclosed on, 1 had terminal cancer, lost her home (a Good Samaritan bought it and is letting them live there.) And now here’s the real kicker, one woman was living in her car with 5 children.

Let’s get back to stuck. After having been through a wilderness season with category 5 storms in it you find it a little difficult to see. What exactly does my future look like and how do I get it jump started? We have counseled more than you can count and lately a theme begins to emerge. They are all like Moses, standing by the rock for the 2nd or 3rd time with God clearly saying, “Speak to it”, but the plan is different than envisioned. Numbers 20

After months, and even years of failure in ABSOLUTELY everything, the thought of making any move at all is exhausting.  It is difficult to imagine that circumstances could very well be driving you to your destiny rather than away from it. With spare time on their hands and notebooks full of the promises of  prophets who prophesy from their own imaginations, they formulate how God will “supernaturally” exalt them to the head of some major corporation or better yet, He will turn the whole thing over into  their hands because “the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.” Right? Isaiah 30:10

Now we do believe in the supernatural. We believe God is more than able to promote and He does, but I would challenge you to look around, and then look again at what’s before you and in your hand. The miracle you need might start smaller than you imagine.  God might NOT send you the plan in the mail, enclosed in a vanilla envelope, all laid out with a check paper clipped to the top, and a sticky note which says, “here’s the plan and the money, now you can move forward.” Isaiah 55

He might be saying, “——-“ are you listening?

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