Dec 05

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Update: Earthquake and Tsunami in Australia?

Update: New video with prophecy of Earthquake still coming. Check the YouTube here

I am catching up on the pile of prophetic words concerning the near future. If you regularly read here then you have watched John Paul Jackson’s video on the “Perfect Storm” and other links we have set up. After sorting through my list maybe it is good to post them and see where we are in the time table, giving a glimpse of what’s coming.

This prophetic word caught my attention a few months ago off an app on my IPad. Listen to it first then finish reading…..

Earthquake and Tsunami prophecy for Australia

So what happens when you hear a Word of the Lord like this? I am not sure about you, but I have spent a fair amount of time lately reading and searching the scriptures about end times. Just seems fitting. What should we look for and what to expect. The words I keep coming back to are, “The Days of Noah”.  Matt. 24:37. What exactly did that generation look like and what was it about them that cause a loving God to be grieved and repentant of even creating them? Did some research on the possibilities and found out most of the hard facts are speculation. We do know there were “giants”, fallen angels, sleeping with women. (Could that happen today? Would it rock your world if I told you I have counseled women who described similar encounters?) Since deliverance is not the topic and a disaster in Australia is, let’s move on. Watch the video.

Check the Man of God out, I did and found some very impressive fruit. I did a little research on Australia, and it did not take long to discover it is being called the “Most Sinful Nation on the Earth”.  I find myself with a burden for them. God sent Jonah to Nineveh to bring a message of “shift” from your current way of life to one that is pleasing and brings fruit unto repentance. Unless Australia repents, turns from the state it is in to the Living God, and cleanses it shore…well..watch the video again. Sure it is risky posting the future, but what if this causes 10 to turn and be saved? 5 Maybe? Would 1 be worth it? Is it of value to risk your reputation, your word, and your integrity for one person? Posting the prophecy of the 911 terror attack would have been, and what about Katrina? Haiti?

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