Dec 30

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Resolve to Be Ready in 2011

These are the latest headlines from our government branch of Homeland Security.  “Emergencies can happen at any time, whether it’s a natural disaster,” (like the earthquake in Indiana today), or a power outage.” As Christians it seems too many times we “wing” it and just throw out that “faith” word. G-oooooo-dddd—will take care of us.  Yes, He does! Yes, He Will! It just seems, sometimes, He encourages us in preparedness rather than last-minute-ness.  If many would have heeded the preparedness over the last couple of years the church would be in a better financial position.  STOP. Don’t begin dwelling on the past and the mistakes and the “if I only would have” thoughts.  Let’s move on. Heb. 6

The Prophets have been warning us that the eye of this storm has passed and just over the horizon the real danger can be seen.   Not the smooth oracles who shout words from their own imaginations Jer. 23:16 of sugar plums dancing, but the REAL Prophets.  They will guide you through tomorrow and warn of abrasive circumstances.

I woke up from a dream a few weeks ago hearing the words 3 shall fall first.  Isaiah 42:9 Holy Spirit was referring to states, but which ones were not clear. Having spent years trading the markets and following economies, one trusted voice, (the rest of them we called “talking heads”), stood out as a Financial Prophet; Meredith Whitney.  Her forecast of the coming year is not so pretty.

Should this chain of events occur in the coming years how will if effect you and your family? Matt. 24 Are you prepared?  What will cities look like? Could we experience Martial Law?  It seems that until we are right in the middle of a crisis we are not motivated to change and that day could find you without oil and completely unprepared. Matt. 25.
One thing is sure; we will be living in a very different world this time next year. The only constant in this is change and it is happening very quickly.  (Guess some received what they voted for).  For the next few weeks and maybe months we will be creating a series of preparedness for you to ponder and hopefully take action on. Remember,” the prudent see danger and prepare; the simple keeping going and suffer for it.”  Prov. 22:3

I picked up this quote from Neville Johnson.  “One thing I know we can expect to see is the fire of God to begin to be poured out in the coming year, this is the year of His Fire, and baptism in it is about to be restored to the church. The fire of God will once again fall on the economic structures of the world starting in the USA towards the middle of next year. I saw this as a financial earthquake in which the tremors spread through the whole earth. The fire of God will not only be upon the church to purify, but it will also fall on the Babylonian financial structures of the nations as judgment. Isaiah chapter 60 is beginning to unfold upon the true church.”  We here at MarketPlace Warriors see this also and have began preparing.

Darkness is coming to a town near you Isaiah 60, and not just because they turned off the street lights.  Choices once again. What are you going to do? Are you going to begin moving in the power of His anointing? Or will you shrink back into darkness? Homeland security is preparing; it is time for us. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on what to do, how to stock your home and what to have on hand in emergencies.

Yes, it will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR, if you want it to be.

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