Jan 10

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Prepare For Disaster: Connect

The x24 Disaster Preparedness exercise that was launched September 24, 2010 only missed Prophets Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs earthquake prediction by 200 miles. X24 run tests using a scenario located at Huntington Beach California which is less than 4 hours driving time on the California coast to Point Conception.  The purpose of the mock disaster was to analyze how social media could be used in the event of a disaster.

Kathleen Hessert, founder and CEO of Buzz Manager said, “Social media can influence the rhythm, velocity, direction and sentiment of public opinion which organically changes the crisis and its subsequent ripple effects.” Breaking that down, social media has the ability to increase recovery times and establish new methods and paths for preservation of mankind in these last days. We, as a church, (and by church I mean the Body of Christ), have the ability to use social media to fulfill the great commission by reaching out to the lost and hurting. Matt. 9:36 (If you need help setting up a social media network email me for a quote.)

It amazes us how many ministries are not taking full advantage of its force and power, (by “it” I mean social media).  Recently I became engaged in bringing Transformation Michigan, which is the State of Michigan’s version of IHOP, up to speed in the social media experience. By connecting and engaging praying Christians across the state we have found that 1) we can unite thousands in prayer, and 2) we can position ourselves as a network in time of need. Jesus said, “The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light” Luke 16:8. We have to use what methods available to us, however discretely, to win the lost.

So, when you hear of wars and rumors do not be disheartened. These things have to happen, but the end will not be right away, there is some stuff coming before that. Luke 21 What to expect; earthquakes, plagues like H1N1, food shortages and natural disasters of Biblical Proportions.  The precursor will be like the days of Noah, at first people will be partying and proclaiming, “The worst is over! Recovery is here, we made it!”, then they will be running for cover in the hills of Montana.  Some think we are getting out of here early. That would be nice, but what if the other camp is right? They do have a great argument also.

“In times of distress we have to remember that we are a people who can steer the course of history with our prayers and acts of faith.” Chuck Pierce  “Redeeming the Time” pg 6  Our hearts have to remain steadfast and eyes lifted up; the watchman tower must be manned, but planning is required along with prayer. Prov. 22:3

Peter Drucker says, “The Greatest Danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” If you do not prepare hopefully your neighbor will. Pray that he does not close his door to you by operating in a “hording” spirit, but rather he extends mercies and grace for humanity because YOU are going to need it. Ok, you’re done with me. That’s alright, everyone else is still listening.

The steps we need to take in preparedness are simple and they are being “preached” by every website, TV show, and blog out there. I don’t really need to repeat them here just Google it and stock up. It’s that simple. Common sense is the key. You need water, fresh, clean water. If you are on city water and it is no longer flowing what are you going to do? Grow a garden, get some chickens, find someone with a cow and create a barter relationship.

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