Jan 25

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State of the Union Looks for Unity

We are Americans and what we see is and always has paved our future, but what do you see? Prov. 4:23 (This is all about you!)  If we consider our lives, which are complex webs of influences that started at birth and have carried through to this day, it is not hard to understand that what you see is greatly determined by those influences. We are woven from a material of interactions with your Dad/Mom and extended family, friends coming and going, the neighborhood you lived in, what entertainment you engage, church you attend and the list goes on and on. If you are a news junkie with a daily diet of CNBC, NBC, CNN and Fox they have helped shape your life and thoughts in ways unimaginable. (Seriously, how many months is Glenn Beck going to yell at us?)

The events which occurred in the Arizona shooting mark the tipping point which will forever change our nation and how it operates, but within hours of the shooting a different from of attack occurred.  News reporters, civil servants and even Politians  began using words which, had their intents ignited, would have further divided our nation and its beliefs, but we here at Market Place Warriors seen something else begin to take hold.

Unity, slowly and unnoticed, crept up from the ashes as Republicans, Democrats, Liberals and Tea Party members gathered around an event that caused every soul to realize America is at the brink of Civil War and something needs to be done. No one spoke those words, but the undercurrent of the events began to unfold as one by one we stood up to defend each another regardless of our affiliations.

In a Detroit Kim Clement meeting on Oct. 29th 2010, (Detroit is the city that was coined, “As Detroit goes, so goes the Nation”,) Kim prophesied the following, “The Spirit of God says, remember I have spoken to you time and time again.  What you are about to see with your own eyes is how the people of this nation will turn things around.  There is a changing of the guard that’s coming your way.  Something very unusual is about to transpire.  They will say, what has happened to the Democrats?  They’ll say what’s happened to the liberals?  They’ll say, what has happened to the Democrats, and then they’ll say what’s happened to the Republicans as well?  For God says I am joining forces so that something fresh and something new may arise.  How many of you are ready for something new to arise?”

No one desires to see a prophecy come to pass on the heels of a tragedy as horrific as the Arizona Shooting, but it is known that God takes the deplorable brought about by evil and somehow, in obscure ways, turns it into workable solutions full of grace and mercy. Romans 8:28 If this is the case concerning the Arizona tragedy, it is hard to tell. Prayer is the key as we press into the heavens for the Kingdom to come and His Will to be done on Earth.  The gun powder residue has settled and tempers are slowly wilting, hopefully we will once again become a nation of Americans who can live next to each other despite our differences.

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