Jan 31

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Ice Storms Shut Down the National Grid

Now that is quite a title but it is the only way we could describe what is happening now and could be happening shortly as a result of the ice coming to the United States  in the next few hours and days.  What to do? Prepare your family and have an emergency plan. You can’t evacuate in a storm like this, where would you go? The whole country is blanketed in floods, ice and snow. You need to have a plan for your family right where you are that would provide for at least 10 days provisions, heat, water and the dog!  If you need prescription medications now would be a good time to get them and any provisions you need. You may not be able to get out tomorrow.

There are a couple of things that have been prophesied and predicted for weather patterns like this for 2011 and we will be sharing in the next weeks on these. So what is the difference between “prophesied” and “predicted”? Prophesied comes via the Spirit of the Living God into the hearts and mouth of His prophets. They have a mandate to give us fore-warning of events so the church can escape what is coming. I trust very few, but listen to many. Predicted on the other hand is like the weather channel. They can see out a few weeks and give a pretty good picture of what we can expect.

Science has brought the “predictions” to another level with the introduction of the internet. Google and Twitter have entered into contracts with governments to become “fortune tellers” of the future as they become extremely accurate in predictions. Mashable has also been able to show what is trending and popular but more on a social level. You can subscribe to the data being pulled out by Google but the price is outside of our budget. (FYI, the only funds we make is through our blog so if you are looking for a great book to read, or need anything in the line of what we offer, PLEASE buy from us. We never charge for our meetings and do have to live.)

Atmospheric Rivers of not only rain, but snow, which could come down like avalanches is the prediction of Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis, or ALTA,  (did you get their latest report? It is a must read!) .. The term atmospheric river was dreamed up only within the last generation of satellite imaging that can actually show the band of moisture.  But there’s nothing new about the phenomenon.  What scientists now realize was an atmospheric river in 1861-62 brought California 45 straight days of rain and caused flooding of Biblical proportions, evocative of Noah and his ark.  It bankrupted the state.  These storms are almost like earthquakes in the sky, (sounds like a song they should have written in the 60’s right?).

So what effects might come of all this moisture blanketing the United States right now is yet to be said and seen.  ALTA predicts extreme flooding, amongst some other things. Seriously, get the Report. 10 bucks is all and it is wild. We must insert here that 1) it is not for the faint hearted and 2), if you are expecting nice “Christian” like language from them, forget it. They are crude in vocabulary and beliefs, but accurate in predictions. I did some research on how they are able to bring able the future and I think I have found an answer but that is for another writing.

These extensive amount of predicted Ice in this storm could not only shut down the local power grids but what if it shut down the main grid? We, as a country could be in the dark for days if not weeks. So I threw this together a little fast only to prepare you for the next few days. Hopefully we will experience only mild disruptions. TTYL. I am off to fill my water jugs, get some fuel for the generator, extra“baba” for the baby, and some “buck in the bowl” for the dog.

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