Feb 08

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Global Food Shortages and Why

Update: This one is alarming. The link is here..(but beware. It is a page that has a collection of link and LOADS of advertisement. I still used it because the info was so good and extensive.)

Updated: A must watch video just came out. Crop Failure makes food prices skyrocket overnight in USA and Mexico

No matter what angle we approach the coming food shortage crisis, it ends the same; disaster is coming for you, your family and community.(Rev. 4-6) A talking head, (Media), asked the question, “When can we expect all this “disaster” in the markets, famine, and dollar death and so on to begin?” Just where have they been? Too busy pumping and hanging with Bernanke in his helicopter, I guess. I have an alert set in Google for “crop failure” and it returns hundreds of responses every day. EVERYDAY! Listed a few below for reference.

Winter produce supply uncertain after freezing temps Western Farm Press Feb. 4, 2011

Einstein was right-honey bee collapse threatens global food security-Feb. 6, 2011 The Telegraph

Demand To Drive food prices higher -Financial Times (ft.com) Feb.2, 2011 (sign up required to read but it is free and their news is clear and informative) What they mainly said was, The worst effects of the current spike in food inflation are still to be felt both in terms of rising prices and their potential to cause civil unrest.  He said this was the main message he took home from a round table discussion he attended called the Global Commodities Forum held by the United Nations groups. He goes on the say the cost of commodities such as wheat, corn and soybeans are likely to surge even more as demand remains very strong, while some poor countries hoard supplies and the weather continue to be a handicap, (as we have currently seen here in the United State.) Knowing that today, most are focusing on digging out of this mess, we can’t help but look a little into the future of the implications this strange weather could have on our food supplies and the real “historical” disaster might still be ahead of us.”

Failure to act on crop shortages fueling political instability, experts’ warn-Feb 7, 2011

If the stream of press coming out on the crop failure and food shortages is even 1/2 right we have heart stopping problems coming our way. (Matt. 24)

WorldNet Daily cites strong evidence that some government agencies are stockpiling huge amounts of canned food. (A Google search of that sentence alone shows it being quoted 992 times this year alone!)

Jim Randas, former U.S. Intelligence officer, appeared on ABC telling Americans to start stockpiling food. Grocery store prices are rising faster than any time in U.S. history. (This one quoted 788 times. A trend?)

Worldwide grain stocks are dropping precipitously as bio-fuels consume inventories. (825 times).

Word of the Lord for Food Problems Coming

You don’t have to be an Old Testament prophet to see what’s going on all around us, but there is a prophecy by Bob Jones, in a recent email I received who is quoted as saying, “Sanctify your food: food poisoning will be a major problem in the days ahead. In our enemies increased effort to promote fear in our society, food poisoning and tainted provisions are going to escalate in the coming days. Bob saw many areas reaching crisis mode in the relationship to the purity if our food banks. Thankfully, we have the Biblical admonition that: Everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the Word of God and prayer 1 Timothy 4:4-5.

We will come to know the importance of sanctifying our meals with the Word of God and prayer. Even so, we must also use common sense to wash produce thoroughly and avoid exposure to the elements. This concern will also facilitate greater measures of fear for those who do not have faith in Christ and His Biblical principles. Greater knowledge and awareness of potential hazards that exist in our worlds food supply will also promote greater measures of fear and caution. Prophetically speaking, this analogy is also highlighting the importance of what we consume spiritually and from what table we dine.

Why did I add this in a food shortage article? It will only add to the grief as food supplies dwindle and then what we do have is poisoned. As I prayed over this prophecy and sought the Lord on how it applied to my life, I think the source of this “poisoning” could be soybeans. I hope I am wrong and there is no poison at all. But if it were soybeans, just think of all their uses: mayo, Hamburgs at fast food, baby formula, makeup, endless list, just my thoughts.

Transportation Supply Lines

Now that I am on a roll here is the next thought; supply lines for food distribution in this country are about three days, meaning a dependence on jit, (just in time), distribution systems, will leave store shelves empty in the event of even a small disruption in food.  Preparing for events like we are discussing here is not easily solved with a full pantry of canned food and dried noodles. Granted this is a good start and well beyond what most people have, but short-term. Those supplies will run out and without a long-term food replenishment strategy eventually you are forced back into a government-run system of food Distribution; a system far different from our current market driven economies.

It is a system where your personal freedoms are sacrificed for the most basic necessity of all…food. You will be forced to register (Rev. 13:17, 14:9, 14:11, 15:2, 16:2, 19:20, 20:4) and wait in endless lines for the meager scraps handed out by FEMA. Registered weapons will be surrendered upon request and children will be removed to “care” facilities until the parents can get back on their feet. This is not a system you want to be dependent on. You don’t think it is coming do you? If you did, more preparation would be happening.

What to do? One thing is to learn how to grow and prepare your own food. Survival gardening is the only sustainable strategy for long-term preparedness and should be one that every survivalist adopts. No matter where you live, you can have a garden, even on a deck. I can see inner city homes rather than spending thousands on all that green grass and water, tearing it up and putting in lawn garden. (A new business idea for someone?) I am doing some research on gardening methods and eBooks that guide you step by step. I will get around to that shortly. I did notice however that seeds were getting expensive and some gmo even sold out. Seed potatoes were price a lot higher than last year. I already bought all my seeds for this season except I am also going to try some wheat berries. Have to get them yet.


The prudent see danger coming and prepare. The simple keep going and suffer for it. Prov. 22:3

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