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Bear in the “Wall” Street

Wars. Rumors of wars. Pestilence. Plagues. Kingdom against kingdom.

Nations in uprising. It just keeps getting better, all the news that is. We personally know quite a few who have “just shut it off”, but is the ostrich in the sand trick a good plan? Now is not time to stand still, maintain, shut out the world or even fantasize. Now is the time to fight or all will be lost.

Our government is about to completely shut down due to budget defaults and our leaders makes the following statement, “Mr. Obama said a government shutdown would harm the US economy, keep businesses from getting loans and prevent families from being able to tour national parks.” Seriously, the White House is worried about vacations! Now I know for sure we have fallen asleep, like the 10 virgins parable. Matt. 25:1 some wise, some foolish, all sleeping. We are in perilous times and the way out is not Jeannie in the bottle easy, the way out is through.

So the real question at hand is are we going back to the races now that the economy is “in recovery”? I recently read an article by David Galland who writes for Casey Research. (Highly recommend their newsletter!) He says,” In terms of the larger trends, the fundamentals that have caused so much pain and economic woe over the last ten years or so remain intact. If anything, they’ve gotten worse..” and we knew that but then David goes on to say, “There is growing evidence that in the next month or two we will head in to a very dangerous period.”

Believe the Prophets and Prosper

Now if this was just an economist telling us hard times are coming, we take heed, doing some fine tuning and move on, but what the prophets are saying adds some weight and beyond. Our Bible does say, “Believe the prophets” does it not? Then why is it we listen to them when it is bright and rosy, telling us the “wealth laid up for the sinner is about to become ours” but when warnings come, which FYI, most prophetic utterance in the Word were such, (go look it up..Dare you!), we proclaim them false prophets. How does this make our generation any different than Jeremiah’s or the other prophets? Guess I answered my own question there. Generations have never believed prophets or the Word as far as that goes. (My Bible tells me that too! You find it)

Rick Joyner says there is a bear coming to Wall Street worst than any we have ever seen and the results could be…

Two aspects of this meltdown that I have confidence in is the dollar losing its value with bartering being the currency for a period of time, and that there will be a time when banks are closed and what we have deposited in them will not be available. Obviously, if the dollar has lost its value, we would not even bother to get out what we have deposited in the banks, so it does not seem that these will come at the same time. It could also be that things of value we have deposited in safety deposit boxes will not be reachable.

MPWarriors point in all this is not to create a panic or fear in your life.

In this day and hour we need to rejoice because The Lord our God is setting up Baal for final fall. The kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our God and shaking is only to release from the hands of the wicked a kingdom which does not belong to him any longer. Greed, manipulation, and control they figured they escaped the wrath that fell on the “unknowing” or cursed” last few years, but it was only a shot across the bow and now that we are resting in the eye of the storm be assured the other side of this looks a whole lot worse for Baal than what we have seen.

It does not have to for you. First, make Jesus the Lord of your life. Not with lip service, but rather a true repentant heart. Then the blessing of Abraham can come on your household Galatians and no “financial bear” can approach your gates. Second, disconnect from “Egypt” or the “Baal” system. Get out of debt. Secure your homestead. Invest in tangible gold and silver. Buy a safe.

Larry Randolph in April 2008 seen the crash of September 2008 and in that prophecy/vision he had seen the nation going down a long dark hill. (from Elijah list) “Eye of the storm about to hit back wall and what that looks like is yet to be determined. For us as the church 2011 is how we position or posture ourselves for the future.” says Larry in that interview. He also had an mp3 word that is a must listen.

Darkness is covering the earth and the fear of that darkness is grasping the hearts of people. Please be an answer to those around you. As I watch the VIX in the market today take a quantum leap toward heaven, the headlines only confirm the Isaiah 60 prophecy.

It’s been quite a journey!

We left Egypt and traveled through the wilderness. Did I tell you how some became trapped in Egypt under the system of Baal? God allowed, for a season, His people to sojourn, to plant, and to reap harvests upward of 100 fold, but then there was a time to leave. The call came, the trumpet blasted out the signal, but we looked back at our belongings, our prosperity, and the promise of more and it caused our hearts to hold on to the past season, not allowing us to leave. What to do? What to do? How about Repent?

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