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Fire Starts With Just One Strike

The Strike Starts the Fire!

by Laura Lovelady on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 12:09pm (edited by MpWarriors)

Last Sunday, I was on my way to my clients house to do an overnight visit and as I turned onto Wealthy Street off of Market, suddenly I had this stirring in my belly and I wanted to stop my car and laugh! I was thinking about the meeting with Lou Engle that I was going to later. But this just came like a bull dozer over me. It was so NOT where I had been or what I had been feeling for so long, that I knew it had to be Holy Spirit. I was talking with my friend about it and while we were talking, I saw a match stick and someone striking it and it igniting. I knew this had to do with what was going to transpire at the meeting that night, but didn’t know how much more this meant.

Prophetic word from Chuck Pierce:
A Time of Choice: Don’t Stop Until You Are Through the Open Door! This is a Time of Choice!

Between July 18 and August 9 we must be aware that we are in a most critical time. Don’t let health issues, supply flow, or relational changes distract you. Pray for your authorities daily during that time. It is a critical time for us to press in like we’ve never pressed in before. These days are critical as we establish our feet against the giants that are occupying our future.
A Key Prophecy: Choose the Lampstand This Month

“You will have a new place to stand. However, do not rush to establish your footing. In this new place, many changes will take place, so be willing to root and then be re-rooted. I am beginning to light your spirit within you in a new way. The seven-fold Spirit within you is now being rekindled and brought to life so that we will become one with My Lamp Stand. You and I will become one in covenant alignment this season. We will begin to burn brightly as we move forward.

“The world will see the seven-fold Spirit that I have in the earth. This Spirit is beginning to burn again. Hell will not be able to put that fire out. Many who are standing now will come alive and burn again. Though you stopped and stalled in the last season, you will advance in a way this season that you have not advanced before.

“I have one that builds and one that establishes. Then I have one that watches and keeps. Let Me help you find your place this hour. Let Me help you get established, for I am transplanting many from one garden to another garden. I am causing some seed to grow that did not grow last season. I am plowing new furrows, breaking old soil, but creating new fields. I will grow a troop for this season. This is the troop that begins to move and advance in a new way.

“Choose the lamp stand this month. Be the lamp stand. Choose now and you will shine brightly throughout your entire future. Of the seven-fold aspects of burning, you have to only be half lit. Let Me light you and make you bright. I need a flame. I see you! Do not get upset, when I clear away some of the rust and debris that has caused portions of your light to grow dim. I love you and I light you!”

This is what I believe the vision of the match stick meant:
It isn’t the stick that matters as much as the striking of it and the fire that is ignited because of the striking. The stick will burn up but the fire that Jesus starts will spread.

Several weeks ago I was in a prayer meeting with some ladies and the Lord showed me in a vision a fire that was going to start in Michigan and in the vision I could see it burned like when farmers burn their land to prepare for another planting… JESUS… and I watched as I saw this fire moving from the eastern side of the plot of land slowly to the western side until the whole plot of land had been burned… all the stubble and dry roots were all burned up and the only thing left after the fire was a really dark fertile soil, rich in nutrients and ready to be planted in.

After reading Chuck Pierce’s word, I saw this again and was encouraged by the Lord’s providence.  I do believe there is so much more to this striking… when Moses struck the rock, it produced water. I believe there is an importance to listening to the instruction of Holy Spirit in this so as to NOT get into disobedience like Moses did; trying to work a fleshly work. It only takes one strike of a match if done correctly!

I also believe as we are watching and praying for leaders, that God is going to strike in ways we have not seen before. He is already turning the hearts of kings and I believe we are about to move into a time of fire and water and oil like “a new thing” not seen before.

Psalm 110
“The LORD said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion; rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power; in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning, thou hast the dew of thy youth. The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of His wrath. He shall judge among the nations; he shall fill the places with the dead bodies; he shall wound the heads over many countries. He shall drink of the brook in the way; therefore shall he lift up the head.”

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