Sep 17

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Transition Into New

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz a whirlwind sweeps down and transports us into a new and different place.

The Word of the Lord is always true giving us an anchor. Heb. 10  Change and moving into a new dimension is always hard. Matt. 3 to 4 (transition)

Nothing is the same, familiar gone, yet God prepared us for this place. He ordered our steps, lifted us up and placed our feet on solid ground for the first time in years.  Ps. 31:8  Looking around, the storm is gone, skies are clear, and the trees rustle only lightly. Across the horizon and all around a storm rages with violent intensity right to the edge of our boundaries. Ps 91:10 The shift had been planned and purposed from the beginning and now you are in the eye. It is calm.

We have not only been freed from the curse of the law and all of it’s bondage’s, Gal 3:13 but TO something. The new holds a freedom and anointing, which is why entering in was so important.  Like the camel at the keyhole of the city, Luke 18:25 stripping off all of it’s burdens to be prepared for entry into the city, we also remain in that place. The past holds us captive and the future is obscure.  “Lord help us enter in”, was the battle cry.  Now we Stand on the other side of that wall, burden-less, empty.  A fresh wind blows, then thought “Where are we?” and. . . “Toto, we are not in Kansas any longer.”

The realization struck that we are positioned at the end of a two-year transition. It’s been difficult and we have seen multiplied change which caused us to let go of things which represented safety and security. Prov 3:5 Pondering this time of transition, it became clear that God has brought us to a higher, yet more profound place in Him 2 Cor 3:18 that would not been discovered or achieved apart from transition.

The Word of the Lord comes daily to our emails as we pick and choose which to embrace

“Beloved, you have indeed completed this time of transition, but there are many others who are not quite in the same cycle and await their time of conclusion. I speak to those who still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I tell you that I am with you to bring you also to a higher place in Me. Your security is not in worldly positions or things that you possess, but in your eternal relationship with Me. Trust Me to bring you through.  Psalms 106:9  He rebuked the Red Sea also, and it dried up; so He led them through the depths, as through the wilderness. Bill and Marsha Burns July 5, 2011

Questions Need Answers

How do we become whole and get positioned for this 9 month season of war?

How do we hear and move with sound and Ark of His Presence?

How do we get positioned for wealth transfer?

How do we relate to the land? Israel?

How do we relate to Jesus and the movement through the land in relation to Great Commission?

August 2011 will mark the time when we were finally “out of here” but the war intensified over that time and now you are exhausted from the battle. Daniel 7:25 Know that  Holy Spirit desires to be your Paraclete and take up the rear guard He will fight for you in the next months so you can stand and take your position Joel 2 

Since late last fall you have been going through the motions just trying to stand or even hold a little piece of ground but now you will flow with the river and it will take you to your new position because He is doing a new thing. Is. 43:19 It might look the same but the anointing on it is completely new and very..did I say very..powerful. 

till we return. . .

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