Sep 29

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Chuck Pierce 100 Days Insight 1

On September 27 Chuck Pierce laid out a strategy for a 100 Day prophetic insight devotional. A few years ago Chuck had sent out a similar devotional and it became our lifeline for that season. MpWarriors has decided to following along and give some insight of our own. (not that Chuck Pierce needs any help!) To read his original newsletter in its entirety click on the link above. You can also follow us on Facebook at MpWarriors   Let’s begin.

The first paragraph of the prophecy is:
“I am sending My lightnings! I have been waiting to fill My children’s mouths with the voice of Heaven! I am sending forth MY messengers of lightening this hour. I have a people that will become lightning rods! They will then become storms in the earth. You will create storms and you will storm atmospheres of darkness in days ahead.” 

Lightnings. In the Old Testament is found in 
  1. Ps. 18:14 which says that He will send His arrows of lightning to scatter His enemies
  2. Ps. 77:18 the voice of Your thunder was found in the whirlwind (sounds like Elijah’s experience on the mountain) Ps. continues the lightnings lit up the world and the earth trembled and shook.
  3. Ps. 97:4 is similar saying His lightnings lit the world and the earth sees those lightnings and trembles 
  4. Jer. 51.16 it is found as he causes storms of rain and bring winds out of their holding place (sounds like a Hurricane Ophelia in the Atlantic who name means “help” and it the name of Hamlet’s lover who goes insane and drowns herself)
So lets stop right here at Jer. 51. This is the chapter where Baal is being judged and he is told, in vs. 44 that he will be punished by God and whatever he “swallowed” he will spit up. All the finances, family relationships, anointing (through wounded expectations), whatever he stole he has to spit up, return to its owner with mega interest. Baal is the god of this world who sits on the economic systems which govern world finance and economy. His greed, lust for other things and power grabs must come to an end. The Wealth Transfer will take place but it will come through shaking.  The shaking of Baal started in 2008 but they are far from over. Nothing will be untouched even gold and silver will shake. (Think on that a minute and reflect what James says about them)

We have left the eye of the storm and the other side is upon us …Mediate here, read Chuck Pierces prophecy on Glory of Zion

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