Oct 01

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Insight into Chuck Pierce Prophecy

On September 27 Chuck Pierce laid out a strategy for a 100 Day prophetic insight devotional and we are gleaning from that Word given at Windwalker in Alaska. To read his original newsletter in its entirety click on 100 Day link above.

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Look at the word Lightning in the prophecy again.

According to How Stuff Works the purpose of a lightning rod is not necessarily to “attract” lightning but rather to provide it a point of of low resistance to the ground or we could say “a PATH” of low resistance. The rod can conduct. . . loving that word. Conduct is to guide by also to carry and to serve as a medium for conveying or transmitting POWER.  Another interesting part of the definition of “conduct” was the leader in the performance of a musical composition.

Day 2 of Chuck’s 100 day devotion gave the scripture text in Numbers 10 which is all about the trumpets and the sound. As you release the sound that Holy Spirit is implanting deep inside you through prayers, intercessions and just flat becoming a vessel for use 2 Tim 2:21.  A vessel God can download and then upload  His glory into. Is 60 As the glory begins to manifest we can more clearly see the reasoning for judgements or if you don’t like that word lets say “corrections” in the body of Christ. 1 Peter 4:17 Sin can’t stand in the presence of Glory so the advice we have is, “get the sin out”. Draw near. James 4:8 Pray always. Luke 21:36

So the take away from this is become a vessel “lightning rod” in which the power and anointing of God can flow. Release that power into the atmosphere around you and watch demons flee from your family, your city, state and nation. Release your voice.


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