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World News with Prophetic Insight – Sept. 2011

MpWarriors will be laying out current news, scenarios, and prayer, taking into account the end time warnings from Matthew 24. Research is divided into the following categories:
  1. Deception (Religion is the mastermind here and that spirits best friend is criticism)
  2. Wars and rumors of wars in countries
  3. Nation and Kingdoms at odds (these are people groups are ethnic/generational wars linked to unity)
  4. Famines and Pestilences (causing natural and spiritual harvest issues)
  5. Strange and Violent Weather Patterns
  6. Persecution of the Kingdom of God
  7. Lawlessness causing Love to grow cold

A promise is made that, “he who endures to the end will be saved.” Keeping your heart from failing, providing for family in the face of natural disasters and food shortages, and not falling into deception is a daunting task. In Prov. 22:3 it says, “the prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep doing what their doing and suffer greatly for it.” Which one are you? 

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Now the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but it. . . 

Deception (Religion is the mastermind here and that spirits best friend is criticism)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s influence is growing world wide and its infiltration here in the U.S. is growing at an astounding rate. Dearborn Michigan has one of the largest Muslim communities in the U.S. and according to their own website poll 63+% of Arab Americans do not believe Obama is making progress in the Middle East.  In This interview with Former FBI special agent John Guandolo and an investigative journalist who says the Brotherhood has evolved into a world wide movement. It’s an eye opener for us complacent, comfort bubbled, Americans.  Their infiltration strategy goal is to free themselves of the yoke of foreign rule. This is accomplished not by frontal assault but rather line upon line propagation. Their goal is to “free themselves of yoke of foreign rule” by creating building infrastructure and starting organizations (ie. social services, schools, Islamic Center, health care) then they begin to infiltrate the community with information. They find gaps and hole in heart left there by religion and “Christian” yokes of bondage. 

Wars and rumors of wars in countries and economic battles guided by Baal

Ruffling China’s “feathers” can’t be a good thing. Kim Clement prophesied China would make a war move but it seems he had to remove it from his website due to political pressures.

Volatility in the markets is creating fear in men’s hearts and many seek Prophetic God inspired direction to protect of our monetary future. So for right now, where are commodity prices going in the interim? MpWarriors has been talking about the possibility of lower prices for some time now as we follow the world economists and their insight. “It is too far to fast and the economic background does not support it” says Nouriel Roubini, know as “Doctor Doom”, “The correction in commodity prices that had already taken place during 2011 could still accelerate” but the real kicker in his comments is that “recession is unavoidable and could be worse than 2008“. There are real cases out there for even depression and preparing for that is beyond our “survivalist” mentality. 

Nation and Kingdoms at odds (these are people groups are ethnic/generational wars linked to unity)

Famines and Pestilences (causing natural and spiritual harvest issues)

Not sure about your house but here I have been canning for weeks. Since we grow all heirloom the fruit ripens as it pleases extending the “kitchen” season. (Believe me you can tell the difference in the taste of these veggies, well worth it.) Preparing a harvest is something many have forgotten or in some cases never done. How do you pressure can and which ones can a water bath be used on? For your survival mental gear a brush up course is required. Canning 101– or 102 and if you want a book we recommend Preserving Summer’s Bounty by Susan Mcclure.  

The last couple of weeks we are seeing the prophecy of Bob Jones (link is to the word he gave or you can go to our page) on food contamination becoming a growing problem. In California they recalled romaine, grape tomatoes in prepackaged saladsbeef because of E.colicantaloupe due to listeria and this is just naming a few lately. Makes you want to get hoe-ing and fence in some chickens.

Analysts are saying The fires and drought we are seeing in Texas will have devastating effects on food prices so get ready. 

Strange and Violent Weather Patterns and Phenomenon on the Earth

If you like facts and data then look at the NCDC who tracks and evaluates climate events in the U.S. and globally that have great economic and societal impacts. Their chart, which only went to August of this year, had already exceed the previous years back to 1980 for number of events and dollar losses in those events. 

April of this year Discovery News posted an article on some of the weather happenings. Wild fires, floods, tornado, Drought in one state and flooding in a state right next to it. It is always interesting how “they” try to rationalize the change without truly seeing the root source. In Australia the rain/floods came just as it was prophesied and conspiracy theorists  tagged the events on HAARP, which no one really knows if it exists. 

In San Diego watching the waves come in on the shore line giving a light show of “blue glow” which is caused by an algae bloom commonly referred to as a red tide. 
Kim Clement prophesied of the Youth rising up and operating in the power and anointing of God to change the hearts of this generation maybe the double rainbow over the High School football game in San Fernando Valley reminds us to continue praying this proclamation in.  The Spirit of God says, “Then I will take young men, young 16 year-olds, just like I did in the Middle East.  They began to rebel against control; they began to rebel against religion.  So in this nation,” God says, “I will take teenagers – young ones – and they will begin to rebel against the system.  They will take to the streets.  They will take to the highways and the byways and the backstreet alleys.  They will declare He is alive, He is alive, He is alive!” On the subject of youth have you heard this young Latin American singer. . . one word. . .Powerful! If you want more of this kid listen to him sing “Oh Happy Days”

Persecution of the Kingdom of God

A coffee house in London is asked not to show DVD’s of the New Testament because it was “inciting hatred against homosexuals. “  
If this doesn’t trip our trigger nothing ever will.  According to the U.S. State Department’s annual 2010 report on international religious freedom “victimized Christians. . . “asked for it:” by the very act of being open believers and missionaries”.  They feel the countries of concern were ones where systematic discrimination was occurring, but in those countries where mobs were torching Christian churches and persecuting believes were not of “particular concern” since they “had it coming” for living their faith and being a threat to global religious freedom. 

Lawlessness causing Love to grow cold/changes in Emotional States

So what causes the Love” to grow cold? One contributor is Lust for example, when a man/woman becomes entrapped in pornography the normal natural love in their hearts grows cold is replaced with lust (of the flesh, of the eyes). The porn, soft and hard, out of Hollywood is spreading across the continents of our world and causing hearts to lust after other things. So many times in the simpliest of programs 
The riots seen in EgyptSyria, and even London are not far off from our shores here in America. 

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