Oct 07

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Earthquake in L.A. – Dream

We all dream, really you do,  but often dismiss them to “pizza” or coincidence. In the book of Job 33  it says, “Why do you contend with Him. . .For God may speak in one way or in another,

Yet man does not perceive it.

In a dream, in a vision of the night. . Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction. In order to turn man from his deed and conceal pride from man.

He keeps back his soul from the pit and his life from perishing by the sword.”

Of course we contend with God, be honest. Religiously we decide when He can and is speaking and how He speaks thereby dismissing any words which don’t fit into “our vision”.  Holy Spirit looking to and fro all across the face of the globe for ways to communicate with us and at night is the only time He can get through to our noisy, fearful, opinionated minds.

Notice the Scriptures say, “He brings dreams to open our ears”,

(humm when I am sleeping I don’t usually hear audible sounds must be another “ear” referred to),

and to turn us from the path we are on keeping us from perishing. Maybe…just maybe…a closer look at your dreams?

Last night I had a dream.

We were at some type of an awards ceremony in L.A. and everyone was gathered around a lake similar to Lake Michigan. The waters started “sinking” is the only word to relate it to and instantly it was related to an earthquake. The lake began to disappear like water in a kitchen sink.

Warnings were yelled out to get out of there and of the impending quake, but most were not listening and seemed not to care. Others got in their cars and began leaving the area. I seen the highways and they were bumper to bumper with cars trying to leave.

We were still standing at the edge of this now non-existent lake and I heard the spirit says, “You are given 3 birds of peace, hand them out” and looking over to my left there was 3 strange birds each a different florescent bright colors.  They had extremely long necks and theirs head were almost “cartoonist”.  Grabbing one of the birds I quickly gave it to my husband there with me.

Then the quake hit!

Scooping up the remaining 2 birds I found myself in a shelter with beds stacked from the floor to the ceiling bunk bed style. They assigned us a bunk and I seen two women I know very well who are known for intercession heading to their bunk.

The dream will have to be prayed over for the interpretation and it is interesting the setting was L.A. but the lake was similar to Lake Michigan. The quake could be spiritual as in economics since Chuck Pierce recently put out a warning on the Federal Reserve.  MpWarriors also believes they are about to make a world rocking statement.

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