Oct 15

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Occupy WallStreet Vs. The Samaritan


The world economic systems are rocking and it would be naive to think the violence exploding in cities of the world would not be too far from our own doorstep. Matt. 24 The shift is upon us and what you Pray and Prophesy into your atmosphere is creating tomorrow so we need to carefully consider our ways, words and even thoughts.

This Past Saturday Occupy WallStreet launched a world-wide “revolution”. and even Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei realized the building opposition in the U.S. of this movement.  The whole point, which is reasonable, is that the 1% control basically everything, and the 99% have no say.

Who is “Occupy Wallstreet” and how will they affect your future? Having the answer to that requires insight into what is happening around you and foresight into God’s plan for His Church, Remnant, and Kingdom. You can look in the natural and summarize a hypothesis, but to have real foresight requires prayer and download from the Orchestrator of All things.  After reading hundreds of 99percent people and their testimonies, ours was submitted thus the picture with this post. We are planning a YouTube Video series on this subject so watch for those.

As we sit in our “living” rooms, with remote controls in hand the world can be formulated and ruled as we watch “Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and then “Fox News” (which is owned by Muslim business men).  We having all the answers and shout at the TV “how it should be done” Seriously, I have a bullet hole on my flat screen from a pellet gun to prove the point which came from the “Raise Money A-Thons” on . . .)

Ever think that if you had the answers to the world’s problems it could be a calling to do something about it? Rom. 14

In Luke 10 a lawyer approach Jesus with all the “answers” and asked, “Teacher, what is the formula I have to follow so I can slide into heaven?”.  Not sure about you, but we have notebooks full of formulas to manipulate God in to anything. “10 Step to Prosperity”, “9 Ways to Receive From God”, and so on. That is what the man wanted, a list. He was a “certain” lawyer meaning no one person in particular, his job description would be, “to practice jurisprudence” which simply means, analyze the law, explain it, classify his explanation, and then criticize others for not knowing and acting on what was explained.
This Lawyer came before Jesus testing Him to see if Jesus was “approved” by God, so Jesus asked him, “What is written in your formulas? and how do you analyze and explain it?
He answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. (notice he added with all your mind) and your neighbor as yourself.” And He said to him, “You have answered rightly; do this and you will live” But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” The Lawyer showed no humility by confessing himself to be imperfect and sinful man, instead the lawyer wants “justification” a set of rules to be followed so he can do what ever he wants with the rest of his life.
Jesus used the title “Priest” in the parable and the Priest represented the law. The nameless lawyer added “You shall love the Lord. . .with all your mind” . . .(not in the original Deut. 6:5.) Our hearts connect with God, but the mind has to be renewed. Rom. 12:2  It wants a set of rules to follow for justification of “having done all these things”  which allows the flesh to have liberty in any area not covered by the set of rules. Hummm. . . He would be able to pass on the other side of the road and not even look at the man laying there because “he had done all that was required.” 10% had been given faithfully and 5% extra for offerings, gave to the homeless mission last week. The rest was his and no obligation was left to help this man. The lawyer could pass by without obligation.
In the simple ways of life we “pass” by on the other side. Come Christmas at many store we find the Salvation Army bell ringers and it is easy to “pass” by the other side since we gave at church, to the mission and the poor already, but thats NOT what I am talking about here is it. . .

The wise will understand and take refuge but the simple will pass by on the other side of the road and suffer greatly for it. 

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