Nov 13

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TheCall Detroit Was a Powerful Event with Theme of Unity

MpWarriors just returned from Detroit Michigan where we attended an event put on by Lou Engle, TheCall. We had been working on the event since Feb of this year through Transformation Michigan, a local ministry doing virtual work. Attendance at Ford Field started out lighter than anticipated and security completely more lax than we EVER anticipated. Entering through Gate G, the Volunteer entrance, a quick wand over, (the button on my jeans beeped continually), they opened my purse peeked in and tagged it, checked Kelly’s coat pockets and we were good to go.

Inside the volunteer lines were nothing short of a nightmare. As the check-in line grew longer the staff attempted to check in hundreds of volunteers manually from non-alphabetize sheets of paper for the next in line. Our names were not found anywhere so we wandered in deciding to just hang out rather than work.

Worship had already started and thousands gathered on the floor below the stage. Through out the night the focus was never on a name or message but rather humble prayer lifted up to our Father in heaven. Oppositions by local leaders and Muslim groups were unfounded and blew out of proportion as a peaceful meeting progressed. The anointing was sweet and that of peace and unity.

The message coming forth in prayer was humble and with repentance. Many times we gathered in groups with those around us and prayed for unity, healing, and a release of revival over a broken city. We could not see why more did not attend this meeting, the answer forward in the times we live is prayer and humble repentance toward God for the sins of our land.
Leaving Detroit area we noticed the burned suburban areas and dark houses. Blocks upon blocks of once prosperous high rise were now vacant with windows knocked and stores closed. If this was the results of a Muslim community infiltrating a city, we want none of it.

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