Nov 17

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Drought Verse’s Famine From the Samaritan Parable

Ever think about Famine? Our generation has not seen real famine in North America only fleeting thoughts (and alms) is given when famine ravished children invade our living rooms. Our intent is not to look down on the needs of impoverished nations who are currently experiencing severe drought and extreme hardships but rather take a contrarily view on drought and famine and how they can, as a result of extended seasons, occur in our own lives.
Comparing drought to famine. 
A man is going on to a distant city to do business.  All preparation are made and last minute he waters all the pots on the deck extra well then heads for the airport.  Upon arriving home and peeking out the window it is obvious the water was not sufficient for the week and all the plants are drooping from the heat. He unpacks, fix dinner and tidies up, goes through the mail and then heads to the deck with a hose. As the refreshing water fills the pots no obvious life can be seen but over the course of the next 24 hours they spring back in as if nothing ever happened. That is drought from a very simple point of view, but then we are very simple people.
Ah, but famine, that’s a different story. Due to unexpected circumstances and delay plus extremely hot dry weather while he was gone, those same plants, on that same deck, once vibrant, now are lifeless, hard, and un-revive-able.  No matter how much watering and care given they have reached the point of no return. Famine has struck and it will be the next season before he can replant and enjoy them.
The man is our story is actually from Luke 10 who, as a business man, was on his way to Jericho and on that path he “fell among” robbers.  The scriptures do NOT say the circumstances he found himself in were due to his own actions, but rather could have happened to anyone, the man was ROBBED. 
The road the man was on was well traveled since a Priest and Levite as well as our hero the Samaritan were on it.  Jesus explains that the robbers, “stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.” Guess we could Praise God at this point that he was NOT dead, but from experience I can tell you that in the days to come he may wish he was.
He never returned home in time to tend to his pots on the deck and the result was extreme famine or you could say, THEY WERE DEAD.

So what does drought verses famine look like from this “stripped”, “wounded” “half dead” business mans point of view?

  • You might have to dip into the savings to get by this month and agree to hold off on excess shopping
  • Savings have been long gone and you are down to buying toilet paper at the dollar store
  • When you go to the gas station rather than filling up you only put $40 in the tank
  • The car has been in the driveway on “E” for 2 months now with an expired license plate
  • The vacation plans for Disney Land had to be canceled and 2 weeks at the resort in Florida will have to do
  • You get a movie rental membership with 5 free movies and treat the kids with the new “Cars 2” and popcorn
  • Concerned with the high cost of energy you encourage the family to keep extra lights shut off and think about insulating
  • You have 3 days left before Consumers shuts the lights off
  • After deciding to join the new fad of clipping coupons you carefully look over all the sales at each grocery store.
  • The Local Food bank is open 4-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays and you hope they have some peanut butter
  • Decided to buy gift cards for the extended family this year to save time and gas
  • Took the gifts cards “you” gave me for Christmas and sold them at the mall to buy presents for the kids (I just know they want socks and shoes this year)
  • Had to buy a riding lawnmower to save money on landscaping services and do it yourself
  • Sold the lawn mower on Craig’s list to buy groceries and pay the electric bill (natural landscaping is in anyway)

If you have found yourself in an extended season of drought or even in a famine there IS hope. God will work through this season with you, purifying your hearts and minds, then He will launch you out of that place and restore what the enemy has stolen with interest. We are never left in that place. Turn your hearts toward Him, humble yourselves under His mighty hand, stay in prayer and faith. Check out our message on Seasons available on MpWarriors website.

Let’s Pray: Father right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus our Lord I pray your would show the way through this season to our friend. We ask for all crooked places to be made straight and an effective door to be opened for them. By Faith together we enter in to what you have for our future, laying down our own selfish plans and moving forward with the plan you drafted before the foundations of the earth. Amen.


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