Nov 20

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Released from Caves Into Destiny

You could have been born at any time in history in any generation and to any people group or tongue. I Peter 1:5, Joel 2

Can you envision yourself as a slave in Egypt or how about the courts of Joseph. Millions were born into the Dark ages, plagued by Black Death or you could have found yourself in a quaint village in Italy on the edge of the sea. But God has chosen you for THIS hour and this time. He hand picked and sealed a remnant who would go forth in power not seen in any generation from the beginning until now. Greater works will be done at the hands of this remnant who have sold themselves into slavery at the service of the King.


There are those who God is calling out of Caves, men and women who have been reserved for this time. A Remnant, clothed in glory and power who have been “kept by the power of God” another translation says “shielded by His power” this remnant will be revealed in the last days.  Kept is a military term  picturing a sentry standing guard as protection against the enemy.  We are in spiritual combat, but Gods power and peace are our sentry and protection.


There is a remnant that God has been transforming, from glory to glory into the image of His Son. Layer by layer He removes the things of this world, lusts of other things and the pride of life from them. Picture the peeling of an onion, layer by layer being striped, laid bare and now revealing the thoughts and intents of the heart. As layer upon layer is removed they no longer fit the status quo, nor are they recognized as someone with great ability. Gifts that have been dormant under the layers come to the surface but are not met with recognition by current leadership nor are they received. A Mighty Army is waiting to be revealed and it will be released at THE appointed time.


The Remnant has come to the place of serving the audience of ONE.  


So what is happening in your life and why aren’t things working according to the Declaration over your life?


In the hiding place where God has kept you, the cave where Mighty Warriors are trained for His service, its pressure verses faith. Faith, in a living God and His words for your future are being tried and tested. “Did God really say…” continually haunts your mind. Motives are tested, emotions overwhelmed, physically you are stretched beyond the limits of any human being, yet the pressure continues. Over and over you pull up the words of the “latest” prophetic revelation that tells you everyone and everything is just wonderful. Some day hopefully you will realize they are clouds without rain who prophesy out of their souls. Seek true prophets who tell the truth concerning what season you are in. If the map is wrong the destination is not visible.


“Did God really say. . .?” was asked in the garden and Jesus faced it in the wilderness. It is safe to say Abraham struggled with the question as did Ester when she approached the King uninvited.   You may not feel you rank up there with Abraham and Jesus but the question remains the same on any level. . .”Did god really say. . .?” Have I heard Him or was it only the imaginations of my mind? These are questions we all have to settle for good.


Through the process as we are emptied of our desires, dreams and ambitions, everyone comes to the place of complete and total abandonment. It is at this place that Holy Spirit enters the heart and begins reviving the dreams placed there by the Master. It is there the questions end and the taunts of the enemy are stilled. Yes, God really did say. . .
Prayer: Lord we speak over this remnant right now in the Name of Jesus your Son whom you called forth for your own glory, honor and praise. Come forth Remnant into the destiny prepared for you since the foundation of the earth. Walk in the power of Holy Spirit and revelations of His coming.


The Lord would say, “See your destiny laid before you. I have instructed you and will instruct you.  I have taught you and will teach you in the way you should go. I have lead you to this place and I will guide you with My EYE forward from it so you can see. Put your trust in Me and I will surround you with mercy. Yes, there are plans for you and yes they are mighty. Ps. 32


Launch and storm the gates of your enemy with My Words. They will clear the path before you.” 


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