Dec 03

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The Storm Came

Do you feel the mistakes made in the past are hindering your future?

It does not matter if you were at the wrong place at the wrong time or if you pushed all the wrong buttons, both are that same. What matters is today. How you pick yourself up out of the ashes and move forward.

If you were in Japan earlier this year when the earthquake hit, it did not matter at that time if you were right or wrong, if you failed or were victim of “entitlement” like the Occupy Wall St. either way the storms came and hit EVERYONE’S house. The only “Goshens” were being preserved with your life.

Point again, they, (meaning the “Church”) in Japan didn’t do anything wrong – the storm just came and laid bare all the ancient foundations. So the question remains, where have you built your house when the storms come and the winds lay bare the foundations,

[error]Are you built on Rock or Sand?[/error]

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