Dec 28

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2012 – Year of the “Titanic”

In our previous post we stated,  “The Wrath of God is coming against this nation  Three extremely powerful storms are threatening our nation and no amount of military power, mental ingenuity, or money printed by the Fed can stop them. It is time for the remnant to arise, position themselves on the wall and intercede like never before. We can’t let our hearts be captured in this season by entitlement. We are at war and it is not a physical war but rather an Ephesians 6 battle. Lift your shields..raise the banners.”


In the scriptures we are warned, “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” 1 Peter 4:17


In 1912, 100 years ago, the mighty unsinkable ship Titanic met it’s fate. Of the 2200 people on board only 700 were saved while the other 1500 perished. Sure there were not enough life boats, but many of those people refused to believe the news that the end, as they knew it, was near. The reports and opinions of mass media of the day said, “Titanic was unsinkable” so they listened to music, smoked cigars, sat in the beautiful dining areas dress in their finest clothing waiting to be served another round of optimism that all was well, help was coming and the boat would be on it’s way to New York any minute.


It is no different today. People sitting right next to us in the pews are still listening to the music, they are still eating, drinking and being merry while economic systems and world structures are literally shaking apart around them.  Many hang on to old religious structures hoping their well planned and expertly laid out formulas will move them forward into destiny.


We are getting prepared. If nothing happens then our prayers were answered and America can return to it’s glory, but if America has stated the glory belongs to itself and not the Living God, if the prosperity we have enjoyed is at the hand of a system called capitalism and not from the Living God who gives the power to obtain wealth, if the security we have enjoyed living our daily lives in comfort have come from a Nation and not a God. . . look for a lifeboat!


In a meeting held by Glory of Zion Ministries summer of 2011, Chuck Pierce, had the word of the Lord as follows, “There is a religious spirit that is preventing governmental change. Many denominations have rejected the shifting of one mantle and the wearing of the new mantle. Even as John the Baptist ended the prophetic covenant of one season and that mantle was placed on John the Revelator and opened up for a people to come, many people have refused to enter in and wear the mantle of John the Revelator.” [When any older wineskin resists change, the Kingdom government stops, and then civil government stalls!]


This next storm is of equal intensity and the first waves began in 2007.  As it continues to intensify, we intercede, as the fires of God bring Judgment to the Church, we cry out for mercy. The season has come when God searches the recesses of our heart for things we have been “Achan” to set aside for ourselves, all justified, of course.  Joshua 7 and 1 Peter 4:17   As a Church, we have not fulfilled our mission and destiny purpose but instead pursued a purpose driven life laden down with gods of mammon, positions of leadership, and worldly views from entertainment; we sought the American Dream. Matt. 25:32  Zech. 11:16 1 John

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