May 23

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Remove the Couches and Lay Across the Altar!

Last year I had a dream. 
In the dream there were rooms upon rooms in a large building complex whose ceiling was open to the sky. As I wandered through the halls, peering in the doors, it was becoming obvious that each room was filled with large mature trees reaching to the heavens. Ps. 73:9 
I watched as a “tree pincher” machine selectively reached out and “pinched” off at the base trees as easily as I prune a young plant in my garden. It would carry the tree over to the entrance where another machine, starting at the neck, would strip the bark off.  Tree after tree was placed in the stripping process and as stripped each “trees” face remained expressionless, almost numb to the process. 
Another large tree was positioned in the doorway and the bark stripping machine clasped its metal claws around its neck but this time the tree reached up with its branches and clasped a colorful woven necklace gracefully draped around the neck. With the same expressionless face the tree tried to strike a bargain with the machine to keep the necklace in exchange for allowing the stripping; after a brief exchange the tree lost the battle and was stripped.

The meaning of the dream was revealed slowly over the year and this past week the understanding became clear. It was part of the stripping process about to take place in the church structure.

Psalms 73 Vs. 1-7,  I came close to falling into sin because I began to envy the arrogant and boastful because they had escaped the beginnings of economic collapse that had caught so many by surprise. Sunday after Sunday, at lunch meetings and in general conversation it was difficult to figure how one man loses everything materially and another, on the very same path and with a similar heart maintains the midas touch. 
Their head is high and backs full of strength. They are not in trouble like the rest and bulge literally with abundance. Every conversation is filled with the latest oil deal and how much they made in the silver and gold markets. While others, after making those same deals had to liquidate to appease creditors as their work and incomes became non-existent and brooks dried up.  (Even that raven quit coming eventually.) But these have more than possibly needed yet each deal is the chance to double their wealth once again.
Manifestations of this spirit of greed can be found in the halls of churches who have experienced multiple Ponzi schemes over the years. It attacks them like a hummingbird to nectar in the late spring. 
Psalms 74 vs 8-9 – They scoff and speak wickedly concerning oppression; They speak loftily. Their eyes bulge with abundance; They have more than heart could wish. They scoff and speak wickedly concerning oppression; They speak loftily. They set their mouth against the heavens, (some translations say, “They set their mouths in the heavens think about that a minute), And their tongue walks through the earth.  
In Barnes Notes on the Bible, he says, “They seem to imagine that they are better than others, and that they are treated in this manner “because” they are better than others. In the original it is a single word which is rendered “compasseth about as a chain.” The word means “to adorn with a necklace or collar;” and the idea is, that pride surrounds them as with a neck-chain, or a collar for the neck.”
Barnes continues, “It is manifest in their whole gait and demeanor that they are men of haughtiness and pride; that they are destitute of tenderness, sympathy, sensibility. In the dream the tree was allowing the stripping but hung on to the necklace with almost a fear and trembling as if their nakedness would be seen with this item alone.”  A few months ago at a Mega Church the Pastor told me, “I almost feel “giddy” and  light on my feet things are going so well.” Hummm.
When a nation turns their hearts toward God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ then, and only then, can the land prosper and be in health. 2 Chronicles 7:14   But as we replace His glory with our own, the enemy of our souls stands at the door with ravenousness desires to rule over us. Chances are given over and over to rule over the desires of the flesh, the lusts of other things of this world system. Justifications are made and rather than ruling over it, full control is given over. Gen 4:7  

“No one can serve two masters. . . . You can’t serve God and riches.” On June 11th, 2011 Kim Clement prophesied, “The Spirit of God says “My people have been like Samson because of their flirtation with Babylon and the system.”

Victory is not something that comes to you automatically or without effort. You have to seize it by force since success comes in the struggle. In this season of distress, Do not allow yourself the privilege or entitlement to take the position of a powerless victim.   He has called us to be more than over comers through Him who gave Himself for us. Faith in Him conquers, overcomes and causes us triumphant in all things. Refuse to allow the enemy to victimize you. Rise up and take your rightful position. Rom 8:37 

Psalms 73 vs 10 Therefore his, (refers to a tribe or congregation of people. A flock. So it is the structured church body), people return (basic meaning was to return to a starting point over and over again or to go back to where you “missed it.”) here, And waters of a full cup, (is the same terminology as a pregnant full term woman whose child is aborted. (Actual translation is “sucked out”.)), are drained by them.
Faithfully sheep fill the pews every Sunday with notepads and pens in hand as they frantically write down the next formula that will fix the mess from the previous formula and lead them, finally, whew! into the American Dream. Covetousness drives their leaders forward demanding the sheep to give their last dollars and slide credit cards in the hallways.  Eze 33:31

Our Lord has been battling religion since the beginning, calling out their entitlements, justifications of the mind and reasonings of the emotions. (I WANT! I WANT!)  Sure they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge, rather religion seeks to establish right standing through 10 point formulas and carefully laid out programs which manipulate and coerce the sheep with visions of God supplying the American Dream to all who follow the steps. Rom 10  

Psalms 73 vs. 15 says, “If I had said, I will speak thus, behold, I would have been untrue to the generation of your children”, calling them out only causes problems to those who depend on their wisdom. (vs.10)
Chuck Pierce Prophesies 
In a recent word from Glory of Zion, Chuck Pierce he says, “I am taking the pillows and the couches of ease out of the church – whether it be Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand…wherever on the earth it is.  I am going to discomfort the ease with which MY church has sat and done what they wanted to, and not what I wanted done. Today is the day I will stand in MY pulpit and release MY Word and not yours.” 

Let’s Pray Together for Cleansing.
Lord we release to you right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus, The Living Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. We release the sword and fire of the Lord who comes to move amongst us purging the dross and making us fit vessels for His Kingdom and representation. As a body we release our will to you. Create in us clean hearts that follow you and not the systems and plans of this world. Cleanse greed and manipulations from our pulpits and from that cleansing release anointing to preach the uncompromising Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. You alone are God who rules and reigns in our lives.  Let your will be done Lord, let your will be done. Amen

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