Nov 08

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Is God “Daddy”?

Ever have something “bug” you only later having to repent for it?

For years I heard those in my circles call the Father God DADDY.

Just the sound of that word was more than could be fathomed applying it to a all knowing, all seeing King of Glory. “I was praying the other day and daddy revealed to me….” and “daddy loves you..” Sounded childish and UN-reverent.


The kicker came while reading Psalms 68 vs. 5, “ A father to the fatherless..” In the foot notes Strong’s definition of this word is:


“Father; forefather; producer of a certain thing. A very simple word, ab is supposed to be one of the first words a baby can speak. The Aramaic form of ab is abba which has become common in modern Hebrew as the word Israeli children use for DADDY.”


The definition started turning my heart but reading further in Strong’s, “Jesus applied this toddler’s word to His divine Father in Mark 14:36” and “The Holy Spirit teaches us to call God Abba or DADDY in Romans 8:15” Ok…getting the point here. The word ab could be studied deeper revealing a creator, builder and architect but the main point was calling the Father, the Creator of Life and Lord of Glory DADDY.


What really sparked some thinking was “the first word a baby can speak.” In our so called modern times of fatherless homes and single moms the first word babies speak is “mommy”. Something is missing…


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