Nov 17

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a Heart with Fear

sailingstormsLooking for wisdom to navigate the days ahead has been a challenge. The experiences of the past shroud the mind and heart with fear.

News media streams are filled with images of a crumbing America causing apprehension and worry leaving the viewer little hope. It is a season we must push off the darkness around us and remove the heavy burdens of past failures however once this is done we clearly see the battle raging all around us and once again retreat into the rabbits hole. At least the darkness and burdens of the past are familiar. We know what to expect there and how our emotions respond to its weight.

It is not a season to hold but rather time to advance. To move out and regain the ground an enemy has stolen from our lives and that of our families. You can’t stay here any longer but must launch out in the deep unknown. It is a season to seek wisdom and then cry out for discernment of the wisdom given.

If you spoke with a Jewish Rabbi and told him you were crying for biynah (bee-naw) from Prov. 2:3 he immediately know you were seeking discernment or knowledge from G-d and that the word you spoke had a meaning of, “that Israel would never be exposed to another foreign language which is difficult to understand.”

In this season we are seeking the voice of God and His clear direction. His sheep hear His voice and don’t follow a foreign one. Pray that we/you are not exposed to a foreign voice which navigates us in the wrong direction. Stay focused and close to the heart and wisdom of Holy Spirit and let Him direct your paths. It is the only way we will navigate this coming season.

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