Jan 18

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Oh How He Loves Us..but How Do We Love

Lions in LoveThe last few weeks at Downtown Christian Church has radicalized my thought process and how to relate to others. How we see ourselves directly effects how we relate to others, and minister to them.

These messages, with the Jan. 18th being the one that nailed the coffin on my old man and brought forth the new, is worth every word. The recording is raw, full of background noise and flaws but so is life.




Kevan Grinwis from downtownchristianchurch in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Title Loving the Unlovable from 1…18.2015


Message from the Week before which led up to this is here. It is a bad recording full of background noise but posted if interested.

Title Love Much from Kevan Grinwis recorded on 1.11.2015

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