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Dec 06

Ponzi Schemes in the Church Today

In this video Kelly Schut of MpWarriors shares on Ponzi Schemes in the church revolved around the prosperity message. Kelly Schut from shares how the prosperity message has evolved into manipulation creating nothing more than a network marketing scheme. Attention is brought to where we are and how to protect our hearts in this …

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Nov 22

Deflation and Global Shift Coming

This morning after sifting through the hundreds of emails we receive, one stood out. Investors are focused on the possible tapering of U.S. stimulus and starting to take some money off the table after a strong equities rally year-to-date. Less attention is being paid to the biggest source of risk at present: deflation in the …

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Oct 15

Occupy WallStreet Vs. The Samaritan


The world economic systems are rocking and it would be naive to think the violence exploding in cities of the world would not be too far from our own doorstep. The shift is upon us and what you Pray and Prophesy into your atmosphere is creating tomorrow so we need to carefully consider our ways word and even thoughts. Past Saturday Occupy WallStreet launched a world-wide “revolt”. and even Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei realized the builidng threat of this movement. The whole point, which is reasonable, is that the 1% control basically everything, and the 99% have no say.

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Oct 07

Is All the Gold Gone from Fort Knox?


What happened to the gold in Fort Knox and what Prophecy is predicting another rabbit out of Bernake’s hat? This time it might look a little different and shake the world’s economies more than imaginable. Are you prepared?

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Oct 02

World News with Prophetic Insight – Sept. 2011

MpWarriors will be laying out current news, scenarios, and prayer, taking into account the end time warnings from Matthew 24. Research is divided into the following categories: Deception, Wars and rumors of wars in countries, Nation and Kingdoms at odds (these are people groups are ethnic/generational wars linked to unity), Famines and Pestilences (causing natural and spiritual harvest issues), Strange and Violent Weather Patterns, Persecution of the Kingdom of God and Lawlessness causing Love to grow cold. Watch for our news updates and cover these areas with prayer. The kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our God.

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