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We have been warned, will we still ignore the signs of the times. The day will come and prayfully we will not be caught unaware. Spiritual readiness is the first line of defense. Are You ready for an Event?

Jan 18

Oh How He Loves Us..but How Do We Love

Lions in Love

The last few weeks at Downtown Christian Church has radicalized my thought process and how to relate to others. How we see ourselves directly effects how we relate to others, and minister to them. These messages, with the Jan. 18th being the one that nailed the coffin on my old man and brought forth the …

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Dec 06

Ponzi Schemes in the Church Today

In this video Kelly Schut of MpWarriors shares on Ponzi Schemes in the church revolved around the prosperity message. Kelly Schut from shares how the prosperity message has evolved into manipulation creating nothing more than a network marketing scheme. Attention is brought to where we are and how to protect our hearts in this …

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Nov 17

a Heart with Fear


Looking for wisdom to navigate the days ahead has been a challenge. The experiences of the past shroud the mind and heart with fear.

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Oct 31

Contending for the Faith


Reading in Jude, “Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”   In the first years of the faith, we call them the “obnoxious” …

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Dec 28

2012 – Year of the “Titanic”


In 1912, 100 years ago, the mighty unsinkable ship Titanic met it’s fate. Of the 2200 people on board only 700 were saved while the other 1500 perished. Sure there were not enough life boats, but many of those people refused to believe the news that the end, as they knew it, was near. The reports and opinions of mass media of the day said, “Titanic was unsinkable” so they listened to music, smoked cigars, sat in the beautiful dining areas dress in their finest clothing waiting to be served another round of optimism that all was well, help was coming and the boat would be on it’s way to New York any minute.

This next storm is of equal intensity and the first waves began in 2007. As it continues to intensify, we intercede, as the fires of God bring Judgment to the Church, we cry out for mercy. The season has come when God searches the recesses of our heart for things we have been “Achan” to set aside for ourselves, all justified, of course. Joshua 7 and 1 Peter 4:17 As a Church, we have not fulfilled our mission and destiny purpose but instead pursued a purpose driven life laden down with gods of mammon, positions of leadership, and worldly views from entertainment; we sought the American Dream. Matt. 25:32 Zech. 11:16 1 John

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