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Dec 11

How to Get Out of the #$#…@# Cave

Are you Stuck?  In the beginning of our faith journey our paths were paved with cream, UPS showed up daily at our front gate and the declaration God placed on our life seemed “easy”.  Prosperity rolled into carefully prepared barns as we threw, (whoops. . .tithed), our 10% – 15% at God.  Faithfully confessing His word over our …

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Sep 17

Transition Into New

wizard of oz

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz we find ourselves in a place unfamiliar. Realization strikes that we are positioned at the end of a two-year transition. It’s been difficult and we have seen multiplied change which caused us to let go of things which represented safety and security. Pondering this time of transition, it became clear that God has brought us to a higher, yet more profound place in Him. . .so how do we navigate “here” ?

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Jul 18

Fire Starts With Just One Strike

The season has been long for us “instant” Americans and the battle is not over but rather just beginning. Chuck Pierce reminds us that “Between July 18 and August 9 we must be aware that we are in a most critical time. Don’t let…..(more in post). Laura Lovelady submitted this to MpWarriors and it gives insight into our position. She says, “a fire that was going to start in Michigan and in the vision I could see it burned like when farmers burn their land to prepare for another planting”. We have prayed and called out for rain but what God is desiring to send is FIRE.

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