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Dec 17

Bondages to Man Made Formulas

In this video Kelly Schut of MpWarriors shares the entrapment and bondage that comes from following man made formulas. Throwing money at God to buy miracles or salvations for family members is nothing more than…well…you know. We make no excuses here at MpWarriors. The Word of God reigns supreme and sharing it sometimes can stir …

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Dec 06

Ponzi Schemes in the Church Today

In this video Kelly Schut of MpWarriors shares on Ponzi Schemes in the church revolved around the prosperity message. Kelly Schut from shares how the prosperity message has evolved into manipulation creating nothing more than a network marketing scheme. Attention is brought to where we are and how to protect our hearts in this …

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Nov 22

Deflation and Global Shift Coming

This morning after sifting through the hundreds of emails we receive, one stood out. Investors are focused on the possible tapering of U.S. stimulus and starting to take some money off the table after a strong equities rally year-to-date. Less attention is being paid to the biggest source of risk at present: deflation in the …

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Nov 17

a Heart with Fear


Looking for wisdom to navigate the days ahead has been a challenge. The experiences of the past shroud the mind and heart with fear.

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Feb 16

Will You Survive?

empty shelves

Are we at an Orange – specific alert. (And are you prepared?) In this condition, you recognize that something is wrong and that you are facing a specific threat. Using the pistol analogy, in this condition you would chamber a bullet, though still keep the safety on. As mentioned above, though, the most important aspect of Cooper’s system is that the alert status is meant to trigger in the individual a mindset that is appropriate to the threat. In the Orange alert status, the mindset you might adopt is, “If that person does ‘X’, I will need to stop them,” and be fully prepared to do just that.

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