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Shifting Series #1

These are notes handed out at the meeting so if you can picture yourself setting there in the 3rd row back, listening intently, then Holy Spirit will move on your thoughts and imagination and fill in the blanks.

So this may be harder than I thought. If most will remember we did not use notes so I have nothing to fall back on. I know I wanted to open with Judges 6. But before we go there we have to remember that everything we have been through in our lives has been in preparation for this coming season. Before the foundations of the earth we were chosen for this hour and this time. We could have been born at any time period, in any country, to any race, and in any status, but rather you were strategically positioned here in this place and at this time. I also believe God brought you to this class to impart into you life through His Spirit. Praise be to God for His never ending Mercy toward us.

Isaiah 60 is coming to pass in the very time and hour we live in. Darkness is covering the earth, just look around. When I researched the original of this verse, it says darkness is covering the earth and gross darkness the people it seem to refer to an series of evil that was coming on us faster than we could fathom and with that evil the gross darkness was our inability to cope with what was happening and we sink back into an emotional state of despair. Reminds me of what Jesus warned us of, don’t let your hearts fail you because of fear of the things coming on the earth. Now this darkness is not my words, nor is it a “bad confession” on my part, it is what the Bible says. As darkness sweeps and nations rise up against nations , brother against brothers, religious persecution, famine, pestilence, and floods come we the church – (and I mean the church as us and not a structure) – we have been prepared to bring hope and light into this generations. Are we ready? Probably not but it is ready set go anyway.

Father God through His Holy Spirit is about to unleash on His body gifts, revelations, anointings and battle plans. He is about to unleash all the tools necessary to facilitate the final great harvest. The multitudes are in the valley of decision. These battle plans have been sealed, (read Daniel 12), until this day and hour. They were sealed for our generation and are now being released. We have been prepared for war.

Isaiah 43:18-19 was our next scripture text..I think..and it tells us that a new thing is coming. It is something we have not seen before and we need to see and perceive it. He tells us 1)Do not remember the former things 2)New thing is coming and you need to see it and perceive it 3)There has been a road in the wilderness that has been guiding you out of that dry and barren place.

This is a shift that we must take to be positioned for the next season. In the summer I get out my sandals, tank tops and shorts. I prepare for the coming season. But if I were going to go snowmobiling I would look (and feel) pretty silly in my bathing suit and a life jacket. I would not be making the season shift that required different plans and different attire.

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