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Shifting Series #3

These are notes handed out at the meeting so if you can picture yourself setting there in the 3rd row back, listening intently, then Holy Spirit will move on your thoughts and imagination and fill in the blanks.

We ended with the end of the Word of Faith Season. We are entering a season of the Spirit’s Demonstration and Power. It will be a time where the glory of God will fill the temple, (which YOU are) and His power will flow out of that temple. It is not a season of icons but rather it is the times we have been prepared for. Remember what Ephesians said, they the 5 fold have been preparing the saints for the work of the Ministry. We have been prepared. Over prepared. The end of the season came with a test. Did you get what you learned? Do you know how to walk in faith? How to believe God in the face of adversity? That’s where 1 Peter 1:3-7 comes in. It says, “through Him we have an inheritance. reserved in heaven.” not reserved for when you get there but in the here and now. The word heaven is the heavenlies right above us. It is the place we have been seated with Christ. It is positional. (A whole weeks lessons in itself that is.)

Verse 5 says we are “kept” by the power of God. The NIV uses the word “shielded”. (See Psalms 18:30-50 in the NIV for a great description of this shielding). Then vs. 6 says “a little while” or a season we are grieved or distressed by trials. Now why did we have to have them. I did not sign up for any trials and I surely did not see them coming. I had my life all planned out. Investments for our future, my house was paid down by half, my car paid for, Kelly’s was on a car allowance through his job. We were perfect Americans and used credit cards for all my expenses and paid them off every 4 months or so. In Feb. of 2008 we received the Word of the Lord from Chuck Pierce and he told us by the Spirit that “abrasive” times were coming by March.

We agreed completely. Things were going to get tough. But somehow, like in a daze, we never figured they would be THAT tough. Or THAT fast in coming. But they did come and we could not bail fast enough. By June of 2009 we had nothing left but the dogs, (and I lost 2 of them a month later to old age.) We were tested, tried, confused. Your “friends” say, “Oh, I hope things get better for you” while you are rolling quarters for gas to find a job. As I write this here I am having trouble bringing most of what I shared in the class back to memory. Guess you will have to get the tapes. The thing I remember most is by August of last year I just wanted a hole to climb in. I did not want to talk to anyone, go anywhere, or do anything. I was done. Finished. Empty. This is when I had the dream. (I will do a separate post for that one.)

Verse 7 tell us that the trials, tests and adversity came so that “the genuineness of my faith..of your faith”, (this faith is more valuable than gold, than your house, your job, your credit store, and certainly more valuable than you comfort), this faith it says, is being tested by FIRE. So that is what happened. My faith, what I learned in the last season through power teaching anointing that imparted the Word of Faith into our lives. The words came through in the power of HEARING. It was planted (Mark 4) in your inner most being and now it was being tested. The test is a test of fire. of cleansing as we lay our very lives on the altar and offer them to God.

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