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Shifting Series #4

These are notes handed out at the meeting so if you can picture yourself setting there in the 3rd row back, listening intently, then Holy Spirit will move on your thoughts and imagination and fill in the blanks.

The Shift from Isaiah 43:18-19 tells us we must look at the new. We must look into what God is doing. If you don’t shift you will get stuck in this past season. You will circle and circle and circle, wading in the quagmire of circumstances. You can shift. Isaiah says 1) Do not remember the past and old things, 2) See the new thing and perceive it. 3) You are in a wilderness and it is barren and dry but there is a road there and a road always goes somewhere. Get on it.

This past season has brought upon us 3 areas that seem prevalent in the body of Christ and they are poverty (which extends farther than just your check book), infirmity, and self pity.

Poverty’s main cause if a failure to harvest or to see the fruit of your labors. Your enemy will wait until harvest time to come in and try to devastate you. Fear..of failure and hope deferred that failures bring have kept us from harvesting. If you remember Gideon was trying to thresh wheat in a wine press. I don’t think that is standard procedure. In Judges 6 verse 1 it says The children of Israel did evil in the eyes of the Lord and He delivered them into the hand of Midian for 7 years. Now I know that is raising hairs on the necks of most of you. That was OT and yada yada. Yup it was. But hear me out. When we step out of the grace into the doorway, not out the door, but in the doorway of the world and its system are we on our own? (you answer goes here). And when 1st John says do not love the world nor the things in the world because if you do the love of God is not in you what do you see there. Don’t you could be possible…that we, as Christians, ok…not you..but the rest of us..because we know YOU are exempt..don’t you think that when we lived by the great American way of extended lifestyles, debt, consumption and the love of materialism we could have crossed that threshold. Now I am not going to explain all this right here. You either quit reading me or you have your arms crossed saying I have lost my anointing. Just think about. Quiet your mind and heart and ask Holy Spirit the question. Have we done this?

In Judges 6 vs. 2 it says fear caused them to hide. So verses 3-5 tells us that when they had sown and when the crop was just about ready to be harvested then they would show up and destroy their harvest. All that work, prayers, toiling and now the enemy comes and destroys what you have worked so hard for. What’s up with that? Poverty has over come, hope deferred sets in, why so, why go to all the trouble, why try again. Why even get up? Want to see another cool version of this? Look at Jeremiah 44

Want to pray? Father, open our eyes to the sins that have so easily beset us. Lead us into true repentance and renew us to a right relationship with you. A relationship that does not view you as our Sugar Daddy who provides our whims but rather a mighty awesome God that does not change and can relate to our infirmities. Thank you Lord for drawing us close to you and creating a path for us out of materialism, debt, confusion, fear and lack. We love you Lord and desire more of you in our lives. Live huge within us. In the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth our Savior.

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