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Shifting Series #5

These are notes handed out at the meeting so if you can picture yourself setting there in the 3rd row back, listening intently, then Holy Spirit will move on your thoughts and imagination and fill in the blanks.

Remember the 3 things that have tried to hold us captive from the last season? Poverty (Judges 6), Infirmity and Self Pity. We have been taught enough in the past season of the Word of Faith to know Isaiah 53, He bore our sickness and carried our disease. He is the ONLY answer to our infirmities. The past season and its dis-stress caused all sort of infirmity. A lot of this manifested in our organs in the stomach area. Stress. Confusion. One answer remains and His power is available, “He HIMSELF bore our sickness, carried our diseases and by HIS stripes we were healed.” The enemy has no power over you when you repent of the (…) and tie into His Healing Power. Enough said. No lesson here.

Self Pity however is another story. The main thing I hear is, “Why Me?” I did everything right and now everything is wrong. We have come to the point where our own emotions have gone wild and we begin to “feel” sorry for ourselves. Why did this have to happen to me? (and what are we saying there, it should have happened to you? Just a thought) Anyway. Look at 2 Corinthians 6:1-13. That was our power chapter that week. In verses 1-3 Paul says, “God hears you and NOW is your time. Quit wallowing” in verses 4-10 he reminds us that what we have been going through happens to everyone.

The real eye opener comes in vs. 11 when he says that what really has been holding us back in moving forward and getting out of where we are is …are you ready..your affections. Your emotions. They are out of control and are holding you back. The exact quote is, “you are restricted by your own affections”. From there he goes on to explain that they had united themselves or clasped hands with the world and its systems and it was holding them in bondage. From that point, you felt sorry for yourself, (too honest for you? I want to see you get out of this hole and move on. i know. From personal experience. I was looking for a hole last August. I quit. Refused to move forward and wanted to just disappear. But was that God’s plan for me? Was my future erased? Surely not.)

Question: What is keeping you back and holding you in this almost dazed emotional state? Whatever it is has become the reason you won’t press on in the war and break through the darkness and its grip of fear and grab hold of God. 2 Corinthians says you have restricted yourself with these emotion states that you allowed to shadow you. Moses was told to speak to the rock but because of the pressure of experience, (from the wilderness, the journey, the people, and so on) he struck it and that action caused him not to enter in. God was saying this next season is not going to be one of striving but rather you speak-authority comes-the heavens respond to your prayer. (Isaiah 55)

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