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Shifting Series #6

These are notes handed out at the meeting so if you can picture yourself setting there in the 3rd row back, listening intently, then Holy Spirit will move on your thoughts and imagination and fill in the blanks.

These notes are from last week Thursday. We started with how the week before we seen God show up mightily in the last 20 minutes of class. I watched Him move around the room and set women free. I seen the intercessors grab hold of the very horns of the altar and hold His very presence in the room as they refused to let Him go. That is what it is all about. Grabbing a hold of Him and not letting go. I can’t think about anything else. He is searching us out. Imagine that.

The Father refuses to allow you to stay in this season. I had mentioned how He is not real interested in your comfort. His interest is in your heart. If He has to make you uncomfortable so He can progress your life you can count on it. We have to get up and go to “there” even if we don’t know where “there” is. It is dark out and seems to be getting darker. We have to shift into the new. So, I thought I would give you some examples of shifts. It is Wednesday night and tomorrow is my last class they asked me to teach. I still have to finish my notes for tomorrow so I am not going to quote all the exact chapter and verses on these but you will get the general idea. When you read the following you have to for a moment lay aside what you learned in the Word of Faith movement and look something new…

The first shift I seen was with John the Baptist. He was preaching and baptizing and Jesus comes along and the shift takes place. Some of his disciples begin following Jesus and the crowds begin shifting to Him also. John’s followers come to him and complain about it and John says, He must increase and I must decrease. Shift. But even John questioned the shift, as we do, when he sent some men to Jesus and asked, are you the one we are looking for or should we look for another?

The next shift I seen was at the Wedding of Cana. His mother says we are out of wine and He says, it is not my time, but she is sure the shift is taking place and insists. Notice the pots He uses. Ceremonial Washing pots. These were used by the “leaders” of the day for their religious practices. Jesus had told them at one point that they totally missed the move of God because of their traditions. (Are your religious traditions keeping you from the next move of God?) The water was changed to wine and the shift occurred.

Another one? There was a little girl who died. Her father had come to Jesus asking Him to heal her but she died before He could get there. When He came to the house where she was He removed all the family and the mourners. He removed the old tradition and then He reached out for her to come to life. Notice the age of the girl and compare it to Jewish passages of age.

Then there was the man who was blind?. The disciples asked Him, “Who sinned? This man or his parents that caused this?” Now tell me, when you go to the mall and you see someone who is in a wheel chair from a birth defect, I bet the first thing you think of is Who sinned? him or his parents? Right. But according to their traditions and understanding of the time it was the sins of the parents that caused the condition. Jesus had to shift their thinking and cause them to look and see something different.

Peter had to shift too. He was Jesus right hand man. Traveled with Him, listened to Him, walked with Him and talked with Him. Then when Jesus is ready to fulfill His mission he denies Him. I never knew Him he told the crowd. Jesus had told him adverse times were coming and that this would happen but he assured Jesus that he would never deny Him. Later Jesus asked him “do you love me” and Jesus began to tell him some of his future. Peter was going to have to shift into the new even though what he thought it looked like was gone. In fact at this point he was not real sure what it did look like and even at one point Peter figured there was no future and he went back to fishing. Have you done that? Has wounded expectations caused you to fall back into an old way of life. Have you lost vision? Hope? He is reaching out across the waters and in the midst of your storm and desires to give you His hand to pull you up out of the darkness. Grab it.

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