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Nov 22

Deflation and Global Shift Coming

This morning after sifting through the hundreds of emails we receive, one stood out. Investors are focused on the possible tapering of U.S. stimulus and starting to take some money off the table after a strong equities rally year-to-date. Less attention is being paid to the biggest source of risk at present: deflation in the …

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Nov 05

Inflation vs. Deflation Via National Inflation Website

Obama Digging

Revelations 6:6 speaks of inflationary times. What does that look like. This is an introduction of our findings on Hyperinflation and why we feel it is not far off. Don’t let the Shadow Government deceive you into selling all your silver and gold on every street corner. The idea is to remove all personal wealth and then introduce a one world “debit” card. Take Heed.

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